Does Kwasu Offer Law

The Kwara State University has an undergraduate program in law and is looking for suitably qualified candidates to join the course. Those with their first degree from KWASU or a recognized institution will be given direct admission. The requirements for this programme include five credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and two social sciences subjects. The minimum pass marks for all of these courses are 180. The University also offers several other degrees, including medical and dental.

Applicants for this programme should note that they must have a minimum score of 180 at the time of application to guarantee admission. In some instances, students with a Diploma Certificate with Upper Credit can get direct entry into some KWASU Degree Programmes. The general cut-off mark for admission into this programme is 180, but there are also a few exceptions to this rule. Those with a CGPA of at least 165 can get in with a good chance, though the cut-off mark is higher. If you can obtain this level of score, you will be able to secure admission and come out on top of the list.

If you have obtained a CGPA of at least 180, you will be able to gain admission into KWASU’s Bachelor of Laws Program. The university offers both degree and certificate programs, which may vary depending on the type of course you pursue. The first degree program is a four-year program and the second year is a two-year course. You must have completed a higher secondary school education to be eligible for direct entrance into KWASU.

The first degree course at KWASU is called PCILS, which is a prerequisite for law. It is designed to teach substantive Nigerian law and legal skills that are needed for the workplace, the community, and the larger economy. In addition to learning substantive law, the programme is designed to teach basic legal support skills. It is also an excellent preparation for the legal profession. It is a great course to further your career.

A degree in law at KWASU requires at least a Diploma Certificate with Upper Credit. This will allow you to gain direct admission into some KWASU Degree Programmes. However, you should note that you can also take your Diploma Certificate with Upper Credit for direct admission into some of them. This can save you a lot of time. By applying for a degree at KWASU, you will be guaranteed to be admitted and have the opportunity to pursue your dreams.

Moreover, you must know that you have the right combination of subjects in order to get into KWASU’s Law program. You can apply with either your JAMB, WAEC or direct entry. The mode of admission to the university will determine the courses you can take. You can choose between two programs and choose one that best suits your needs. The Kwara State University offers law in three different campuses. Those that study in Malete campus will have a major in Pure and Applied Science.

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