Draw Your Oc Like This

How to Draw Your OC Like This

You want to draw your OC but aren’t sure where to start. Here’s a quick guide! Start by determining which gender your oc belongs to. Continue reading if you are unsure about your OC’s gender. Here are some great tips and tricks to draw the opposite sex. Have fun! Once you’ve got the basic anatomy down, you can start drawing your oc!

Draw your oc using a different body type

First, duplicate your base body. It will help you draw a rougher body type. This can be used to create a layer. After you’ve finished drawing the rough body, move on to the final body type. You may want to replicate the body base using rectangles. Then, draw a rough body type of your OC. This will help you to visualize the final body.

Draw your character with a completely different body type

While you can use many shapes and forms for your character, it can be more effective to focus on one or two primary and secondary shapes for your face. You can also use one shape to make multiple positions so that your design remains balanced and not unbalanced. The most popular way to design characters with unique body shapes is by dividing them into three sections: tall/short and narrow. Here are a few suggestions to help you decide which body type your character should have.

Tutorials will usually show you how to draw a female body in the profile or from the front view. There are many other body types you can draw. These shapes can be a combination or combination of two types of body. The first one is a tall, lanky person. The second type is one with fat around the belly. This makes your character look pregnant.

Creating different body types in your comics requires practice. If you’re not an experienced artist, you can take a drawing course to improve your skills. Many famous artists swear by taking a drawing course to improve their drawing abilities. Once you have the basics down, you can start adding accessories and clothing to make your characters stand out. Accessories such as shoes, hats, and other items can make your characters stand out.

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