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House of CB, Oh Polly, and Iris Fashion Are Worth a Look

When it comes to edgy dress brands, House of CB is one of my favorites. Its collections are wildly popular and are often inspired by baddie fashionistas. Although I have been inconsistent in deciding which pieces will fit into my wardrobe, I love discovering new labels. Oh Polly and Iris Fashion are also worth checking out. The style and comfort of these brands is a perfect fit for any occasion.

Iris Fashion

If you’ve ever seen a dress from Iris Fashion, you know that the brand doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cheap. That’s because these clothes aren’t outrageously expensive, but you’ll be surprised to find out that many of them are. Founded in 2010, House of CB has many stores in the UK, as well as a strong social media presence and a design studio. These features combined with affordable prices make it a great choice for a unique gift.

Meshki offers a wider range of styles. This option is more diverse than House of CB, but you’ll still find cute dresses at a comparable price. You can find both House of CB and Meshki dresses at, where you can save up to 80% off retail prices. This is a great deal for anyone who wants to buy a new outfit without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking for women’s clothing with statement designs, you might want to check out Meshki. The brand is Australian and has many styles that flatter the body. It was worn by celebrities like Ariana Grande in her “7 Rings” music video. Meshki dresses are affordable and yet they scream “boujee!” Despite the name, the dresses don’t come with ridiculous price tags or poor quality.

The best place to buy Meshki dresses is the internet. There are many websites out there offering the same styles, but for cheaper prices. You can also try Naked wardrobe, which ships within a few days and has a return policy. You can return any dress provided it is in resaleable condition within 28 days of receiving it.

As a designer brand, House of CB designs and makes clothes for every figure type. From the sexiest dresses to the most modest dresses, you’ll find what you need at the House of CB website. The brand is your one-stop shop to find all your party-wear needs including designer shoes and accessories. A lot of celebrity customers love the Meshki dresses, so make sure to check them out!

For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons is a Los Angeles-based fashion label that promotes individuality, femininity, and confidence. Its mission is to create clothing for women who are not afraid to take risks and embrace life’s adventures. For Love & Lemons was founded by Gillian Kern and Laura Hall and is committed to helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. The brand’s collections feature a wide array of dresses, tops, and swimsuits.

The For Love & Lemons brand is all about rebelling against societal norms, and is perfect for the girl who is not afraid to set trends. The brand’s swimsuits, lingerie and dresses are clever, flirty, and fun. This brand will make her the talk of town, no matter if she’s in the mood for a night out or staying in. The lingerie collection includes bras, thongs and intimates that will keep her comfortable and warm.

Princess Polly

If you’re looking for a place to shop for the latest trends without breaking the bank, you should check out Princess Polly. This Australian clothing brand is a specialist in fashion, street style and pop culture. Although the clothes aren’t as expensive as designer clothes, they can still be worn multiple times. Their edgy fashion style will turn heads and they even sell swimwear.

Another great place to shop for cheap clothing is SHEIN, an online store that is known for being inexpensive and a great place for party girls. With over a thousand new styles added each week, SHEIN has plenty to offer. Another website similar to Princess Polly is Boohoo, based in the UK. Boohoo sells clothing for young women at affordable prices. It offers everything from everyday basics to party dresses and even has body inclusive sizing.

While you may be looking for high-end clothes, House of CB isn’t as expensive as you might think. Despite being a UK-based brand, House of CB offers reasonably priced, stylish clothes. It has multiple stores in the UK, a strong social media presence, and its own design studio. As a result, it has quickly gained international attention and recognition. Don’t let the low price fool you!

Club L London

If you’ve ever wished you could buy your favourite dress for a party from a different brand, you’re not alone. Many fashionistas swear by House of CB, a clothing brand that specializes in dresses for special occasions. And since the brand is based in London, you can shop for a great bargain – it’s possible to score a bargain at Club L London for less than House of CB prices!

Naked Wardrobe

Naked Wardrobe is a great place to shop for designer clothes at a reasonable price. The brand is endorsed and supported by Khloe Kardashian, Sofie Richie, who offer everything from bike shorts to fitted rompers. They’ve also added luxe faux fur coats to their line and sexy bathing suits this season.

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