Edwin Encarnacion Net Worth

Edwin Encarnacion is an MLB first baseman and designated hitter originating from La Romana, Dominican Republic on January 7, 1983 and selected in the ninth round of the 2000 amateur draft by Texas Rangers.

As an MLB power hitter, he quickly made himself an asset to both Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays franchises over five years, where he proved one of their most reliable power hitters.

Early Life and Education

Edwin Encarnacion was born January 7, 1983 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He currently plays first baseman/designated hitter for the Cleveland Indians; previously, he had stints with Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees.

He’s an outstanding presence on the field, hitting for power while getting on base at an impressive clip and being one of the premier clutch players in baseball.

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Professional Career

Edwin Encarnacion strolls effortlessly across the Cleveland Indians’ sun-kissed Goodyear, Arizona spring training complex after an exhausting morning of conditioning and baseball workouts – seemingly unfazed by being one of baseball’s marquee free-agent sluggers.

Two-time AL All-Star and recent record breaker. Last season he became the first designated hitter ever in MLB history to hit 100 homers while participating in at least 157 games. Furthermore, he achieved 1,000 RBI for a second time during 2013 World Baseball Classic championship team of Dominican Republic.

Encarnacion recently signed a three-year deal worth up to $65 million with the Indians that could reach as much as $90 million if the club exercises its fourth-year option.

Achievement and Honors

Encarnacion was instrumental in leading the Blue Jays to numerous victories during the playoffs, especially his powerful slugging which helped create memorable franchise players for them. Furthermore, his plate discipline improved dramatically by drawing more walks than strikeouts in recent seasons.

Encarnacion was also chosen to represent his home nation at international competitions, winning gold at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Encarnacion uses his substantial salary to give back to both his native Dominican Republic and United States families through the Edwin Encarnacion Foundation, providing healthcare, education, sport activities for children as well as sponsoring baseball clinics and youth leagues – raising over $42 Million so far for such causes while contributing relief efforts after hurricanes.

Personal Life

Edwin Encarnacion was chosen in the ninth round of Major League Baseball’s 2000 amateur draft by Texas Rangers and assigned to Gulf Coast League that summer. When traded to Cincinnati Reds in 2005, however, he shed tears of sadness – but his teammates consoled him immediately.

Encarnacion was plagued with wrist problems for much of his career but made three American League All-Star teams and took home run crown in 2016.

Now a part of the Cleveland Indians, he is one of baseball’s premier hitters. His new three-year, $65 million contract – including an unprecedented charity component to benefit hospitals in Dominican Republic as well as youth baseball leagues – shows his immense dedication and inspiring tenacity for baseball.

Net Worth

Edwin Encarnacion’s net worth largely stems from the millions he earned through Major League Baseball contracts and endorsement deals, as well as additional financial ventures.

Encarnacion has always been known for his power hitting, and that trend continued this year – hitting 193 home runs to become the only player with eight consecutive 30-homer seasons.

Veteran slugger Encarnacion will now play for the White Sox, who are in dire need of his bat. He signed a one-year contract and will receive $12 million as salary next season – up from his $2.5 million paycheque from 2010. Encarnacion boasts international experience; representing his Dominican Republic at international competition and winning gold at World Baseball Classic 2013.

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