Elisabeth Benjamin

Elisabeth Benjamin

Elisabeth Benjamin is an independent podcast host, creating episodes and conducting guest interviews about controversial subjects and social issues. Her focus lies within podcasting.

Benjamin’s innovation was the first that allowed users to signal pages for assistance without needing to call for help; her method later became standard practice on planes for signalling flight attendants.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth immersed herself in Boston art, culture and intellectual life, forging lasting friendships with literary luminaries such as Lydia Maria Child, Frederick Douglass, Amos Bronson Alcott, John Greenleaf Whittier and Margaret Fuller, along with an abolitionist minister Theodore Parker.

Henry traveled with her through Europe in 1843 and, although not as committed to suffragism, did not criticize her for not being able to fund the cause financially.

Greg David, Director of Business and Economics Program at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Elisabeth Benjamin, Vice President of Health Initiatives at Community Service Society discuss how New York will establish its health insurance exchange and what steps still need to be taken so that all New Yorkers have access to affordable health coverage.

Professional Career

Benjamin is not only a respected attorney but also serves as a health policy and advocacy advisor, earning her several accolades including Citizen Action of New York’s Progressive Leadership Award, Families USA State Consumer Health Advocate Award and Public Health Association of NYC Special Merit Award.

She is also an established television writer, having contributed to Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Bones, Crash, UnReal 13 Reasons Why and Rizzoli & Isles among many others. Additionally, she had a keen interest in producing artists’ films and documentaries with provocative topics and social messages; many examples can be seen around the world including London exhibitions. A member of Grierson Trust as well as leaving most of her estate to Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Foundation with trustees having full autonomy as to how best spend it.

Achievement and Honors

She participated in numerous charitable initiatives and community health projects throughout her career, garnering honors such as the New York State Foundation Health Care Luminary Award from Citizen Action of New York as well as receiving the State Consumer Health Advocate award from Families USA and Special Merit award from Public Health Association of NYC.

She served on the National Institute for Women’s Health’s Advisory Board and as one of its founding board members at New York City Center for Family Health.

She has written scripts for several television shows including Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Bones, Crash and Rizzoli & Isles as well as producing films.

Personal Life

Elisabeth Benjamin has contributed her writing skills to several popular television shows, including Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Bones, Crash, United States of Tara and Rizzoli & Isles. Additionally, she was previously trained as a modern dancer.

She has received many honors, such as the New York State Health Foundation’s 2016 “Health Care Luminary Award”, Citizen Action’s Progressive Leadership Award in 2012, Families USA’s State Consumer Health Advocate award in 2011, and Public Health Association of NYC’s 2009 Special Merit award for outstanding performance. Additionally, she has worked abroad on various community health and humanitarian projects.

She possesses an intimate understanding of the interrelationships between downstate and upstate interests, issues, and levers of power. Additionally, she often speaks on matters related to social justice and politics.

Net Worth

Though she juggles multiple roles – mother, author, entrepreneur – her 1.9 million followers are still passionate about the content she creates for them to consume – from food, travel and lifestyle photos that inspire to partnerships with luxury brands that help grow her audience.

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