George Daneshgar

George Daneshgar

George Daneshgar is an American businessman and investor. He has been actively engaged in the real estate industry for over 22 years.

He holds a degree in finance from USC Price School of Management and works as an experienced real estate investment professional. With extensive experience acquiring and selling commercial properties across America, his expertise is unbeatable.

Early Life and Education

George Daneshgar’s early days in Beverly Hills were spent navigating the murky waters of real estate investing. He earned his stripes working for family-owned retail centers, regional malls, apartment complexes and office buildings before making a name for himself in this sector.

His most remarkable achievement was creating a team to rebrand and revitalize century-old Grand Central Market – something which took years to accomplish, when you factor in time spent acquiring the historic property. To this day he believes patience, perseverance and an eye for beauty are essential ingredients in any successful rebirth. Additionally, he enjoys taking time out to watch good films occasionally.

Professional Career

George Daneshgar has been involved in the real estate industry for several years. During that time, he has developed expertise in multifamily, mixed-use and development projects.

He began his career in 2009 as an investment consultant for Beverly Hills-based 3D Investments, but soon after left to launch his own company.

His father and uncles founded 3D Investments, which has owned and operated retail centers, regional malls, apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels for nearly four decades.

Christian Redfearn, the Borstein Family Endowed Professor of Real Estate at USC Price, lauded Daneshgar for his entrepreneurial drive and commending him on overcoming a challenging recession to become an accomplished developer.

In addition to his own portfolio, he has invested in several properties in Las Vegas. One such property is Tivoli Village, a luxury condo complex south of the Strip.

Achievements and Honors

George Daneshgar has enjoyed a remarkable career, as well as earning him numerous honors. One of the most remarkable feats was winning an unprecedented major poker tournament – something virtually unheard-of in today’s world.

He earned a Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) degree from USC Price, according to Christian Redfearn, the Borstein Family Endowed Professor of Real Estate. According to Christian, he was an intelligent and hardworking student who made good use of program resources. Furthermore, Adam Joseph Daneshgar – founder of 3D Investments – served as his mentor. But perhaps most notably, his winning poker hand at Borgata Winter Poker Open earned him gold! Additionally, he serves on the Honors School committee which seeks to enhance students’ experiences within the program.

Personal Life

In 2009, Daneshgar graduated from USC Price with a master’s degree in real estate development but found himself unemployed. A recession had hit real estate and he wasn’t sure what would come next. Ultimately, his degree proved invaluable as it enabled him to start a business of his own in real estate development and create value in the community.

Daneshgar began investing in properties that had become depressed during the recession through his family’s real estate company, 3D Investments. Since then, they have acquired apartment complexes, retail centers and office buildings throughout America.

He co-founded BloomNation, an online flower marketplace built on the idea of community. After winning a poker tournament and collecting seed funding for their launch site, he joined their board as chairman. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, he currently resides there with his family.

Net Worth

Daneshgar began investing in properties that had fallen on hard times during the recession. With help from friends and family, he was able to secure his first deal – a 57-unit apartment complex in Las Vegas that needed roofs, pools filled with dirt, and landscaping.

He then invested the proceeds into Los Angeles properties, investing in creative office projects in prime locations. Today his net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million according to Forbes magazine.

Daneshgar graduated from USC Price’s graduate real estate development program in 2009. He formed his own company to take advantage of distressed properties during the recession, and currently owns a substantial portfolio of retail, residential and office properties across California, New York and Texas.

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