Erica Shaffer Net Worth

Erica Shaffer is an esteemed TV Actress who has amassed a considerable fortune through her career. She ranks among one of the wealthiest and most well-known individuals in America.

She is known for having appeared in over 200 infomercials and commercials. Additionally, she runs her own private speech and acting coach practice on Los Angeles’ westside.

Early Life and Education

Erica Shaffer is a classically trained actress, former ballerina, mother, and voice actor who has graced both television and film with her versatile roles. Additionally, she’s voiced over 200 infomercials and commercials!

Over the course of her career, she has appeared in over 15 independently produced feature films and has made guest appearances in several television series such as Mad Men, Castle, Private Practice, Dexter, Three Rivers Veronica’s Closet Windfall among many others. Additionally she had recurring roles on Days of Our Lives and The Young and Restless soap operas.

Erica has provided her voice for numerous video games. Additionally, she’s well-known radio personality who has hosted shows on Travel Channel and Access Entertainment Network – Erica is an ESTJ personality type.

Professional Career

She has appeared in commercials, is a member of SAG, AFTRA, and AEA; and operates her own private speech and acting coaching practice on Los Angeles’ Westside.

She is a talented artist with experience working in ballet, music videos, theatre, film, voice-overs and over 200 commercials for companies like WD-40, Bow Flex and Pizza Hut – not to mention documentaries on History Channel and Learning Channel!

Many people often believe that actors lead luxurious lifestyles; this is often not true. Most of their time may be dedicated to auditions and fittings. Furthermore, hard work must be put in for actors in order to perform on screen.

Achievement and Honors

She is an esteemed American Actress who has earned considerable wealth and fame through her acting career. Known for playing media-related roles on various television series, as well as appearing in independent films like The Fall, Catalina Trust, Three on a Match and West Coast among many others, her acting credits also include roles such as The Fall, Catalina Trust Three On A Match And West Coast.

She made her acting debut in Hollyoaks as Ruby Button in January 2010. Additionally, she played Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter film series.

She is an internationally acclaimed poet, actress, screenwriter, producer, and fine artist, well known for her writing credits on 1998 movie Some Girl as well as producing work such as In a Silent Way. Married woman with one child.

Personal Life

Erica Shaffer has managed to amass an abundance of wealth in her lifetime. Her primary profession as an actress and voice performer has allowed her to earn considerable earnings. She has appeared in films and television shows, as well as hosting shows for Travel Channel and Cafe Sound.

Her film credits include roles in A Family Affair, The Truth is Always Complicated, The Fall and Catalina Trust; in addition to that made-for-TV film Dad’s Home. Additionally she has made guest appearances in multiple daytime soap operas including Veronica’s Closet, Valentine and Eleventh Hour.

She has appeared in many independent films and theater performances; some of her most memorable roles include Portia from The Merchant of Venice, Myrhhine in Lysistrata and Joanne in Come Back to the 5 & Dime.

Net Worth

Erica Shaffer is a popular American actress and voice performer best known for her roles on various television series. She has appeared in over 15 independently produced films and series; with an estimated net worth between $1 to $5 Million earned primarily through acting work on film and TV series.

Shaffer is a member of SAG, AFTRA and AEA. She maintains her own private speech coaching practice on Los Angeles’ west side and has appeared in over 200 commercials including products like WD-40, Miracle Grow and Pizza Hut as well as hosting shows on Travel Channel and Access Entertainment Network. Shaffer can often be found playing recurring roles on daytime soap operas such as Days of Our Lives and Veronica’s Closet.

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