Eugene Byrd Net Worth

Eugene Byrd began acting at age 12, starting out on Sesame Street as Jelani before going on to appear in Murder in Mississippi and Ghostwriter for TV movies, along with Chris Cross for British children’s series as Walter in both cases.

After appearing as a guest star on several series such as Arrow, The Mentalist, Numbers, Life, Crossing Jordan Heroes and Law & Order SVU; as well as in films such as Dead Man Julia Sleepers 8 Mile Confess; he went on to star as himself.

Early Life and Education

Eugene Byrd was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After attending Greene Street Friends School and The Crefeld School he started acting at an early age appearing in children’s show The Cosby Show as well as television movie Murder in Mississippi as a guest star. Other appearances have included NYPD Blue, Heroes, Two and Half Men and Eureka among many more.

He made appearances as both Walter in Ghostwriter and Oliver Cross in Chris Cross. Additionally, he has made several films including 8 Mile and Lift.

He has been a regular cast member on Bones since season 3, as well as appearing in other shows like Arrow, The Mentalist, Numbers and Crossing Jordan. Additionally he has provided voiceover work for numerous characters in video games and other media.

Professional Career

Byrd made his television debut as one of Theo Huxtable’s friends on four episodes of NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show in early 1990. Additionally, he portrayed Walter Haines on Ghostwriter and played Oliver Cross on British children’s show Chris Cross.

EuGene has 15 years of experience as a graphic designer/creative director, serving as branding manager on projects like Timberland, Worldpay and Sonny Pictures. From 2018-20, he also founded and ran Future Gallery.

In 2006 he earned himself the Breakout Performance Award at the Method Fest Independent Film Festival with his role in Confess. Since then he has appeared in multiple TV shows like NYPD Blue, Heroes, Beverly Hills 90210 and is currently playing Dr. Clark Edison on Fox series Bones.

Achievement and Honors

Eugene Byrd is an award-winning actor known for captivating audiences with his performances. His charming charisma makes him a fan favorite and his ability to portray various roles has cemented his place among Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.

He has appeared in various movies and TV series such as Ghostwriter, 8 Mile, NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan and Two and a Half Men. Additionally he voiced characters for Gears of War 4 and Battlefield Hardline video games and served as Dr. Clark Edison on Fox TV series Bones for ten seasons.

His other films include Julia, Dead Man, Demon Island, Sleepers, Anacondas and Confess. Being born Virgo himself helps him immerse himself into each role he portrays.

Personal Life

Eugene Byrd was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Adrienne Byrd – his mother worked for a health maintenance organization which encouraged his early acting ambitions; at seven he signed on with a talent agency to represent him while appearing in television commercials for New Trail Granola Bars.

Christopher Cross first made an impactful cinematic debut in 1986’s My Little Girl and later made appearances in teen shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark? and The Cosby Show. Additionally, Christopher portrayed Walter from Ghostwriter and comically defiant Oliver Cross from Chris Cross: British Children’s TV Series that won an award.

He has appeared in films such as Dead Man, Demon Island, Sleepers, 8 Mile and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Additionally he was featured as Dr. Clark Edison from seasons three to ten of Bones on television show.

Net Worth

Eugene Byrd is an actor known for his unique and captivating performances. Born under the sign of Virgo, his innate sense of analytical thinking and attention to detail enable him to fully immerse himself into every role that he portrays.

Byrd first made his acting debut as Jelani on Sesame Street, and went on to appear in various other TV shows and movies such as Murder in Mississippi and Ghostwriter.

He is most widely recognized for his roles as Wink in 8 Mile and Dr. Clark Edison on FOX series Bones. Additionally, he has guest starred on various series such as NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan and Heroes and has a recurring part on Syfy series Eureka.

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