Feige forestry technology: quad trailer in forestry operations

Quad trailers in forestry is the specialty of the forestry equipment specialist Feige Forsttechnik from Nümbrecht Elsenroth. Wolfgang Feige knows the market, the trends and also the necessities that trailers, trailers and the like have to bring with them for work. He stocks a select range of trailers to help with work and simplify processes – while being fun.

Quad trailers in forestry: Quad versus tractor

“We have dealt intensively with the slowly increasing number of quad and ATV users in the forest in Germany,” says Wolfgang Feige, leading his explanations Forestry Quad Trailer: Lancman STAW log splitting trailerto the work equipment trend in the woods and forests. “In business, the quad is increasingly replacing the old small tractor,” says Wolfgang. Above all, the strong workhorses are increasingly being used by new firewood advertisers and also in professional forestry operations. “The small vintage tractors are becoming increasingly rare and expensive, are slower and aren’t that much fun when advertising firewood,” Quad trailer in forestry: simple timber transport trailersays Wolfgang from his own experience. In addition, because of soil compaction, no vehicles should be tolerated on the forest floor. Thus, the essential product advantage of the tractor, the off-road mobility and high traction off-road, loses its meaning.
Feige Forsttechnik offers and recommends the following products for clients who take care of their firewood with quads and ATVs, maintain water bodies and harvest wood in close rows of plants, as well as for those who work in landscaping: The Vahva Jussi Forwarding trailer with 3.20 or 4.00 meter crane with or without overrun brake, a simple firewood trailer, the Lancman log splitting trailer with 13 to 21 t log splitters and the Lancman winch trailer, a trailer with a hydraulically operated forestry cable winch .

Pendant Brands: by Vahva Jussi and Lancman

“Vahva Jussi is one of the very few manufacturers of mini trailers that primarily caters to professional users and designs their products accordingly” Quad trailer in forestry: Winchtrailer working positionsays Wolfgang. “Recently, trailers with overrun brakes have also become available, which provide additional safety gains,” he adds. High-capacity quads and ATVs, which don’t give up on forest paths even with a trailer load of 1.7 tons, are suitable as drives.
The Lancman Winch trailer is also interesting and not well known. Here, a tried-and-tested forestry cable winch was mounted on a solid trailer so that it can be tilted hydraulically. It is powered by a 10 hp Briggs & Straton engine. “Since the winches pull most of the forces through the shield into the Quad trailer in forestry: Winchtrailer driving positionground, a quad is completely sufficient as a towing vehicle. What can be pulled with it is sensational,” enthuses Wolfgang.
The Lancman Log Splitter Trailer also uses a tried and tested product, a Lancman standing log splitter which in turn has been hydraulically tilted mounted on a solid chassis. Here, too, the drive is provided by a hydraulic unit with a 10 hp Briggs & Straton engine. In order to achieve a high splitting speed, high-quality double pumps were used. The log splitter behind the quad delivers the same performance as if it were being driven behind a powerful tractor with the cardan shaft.

information and prices

Quad trailers in forestry are offered by Feige Forsttechnik from Nümbrecht Elsenroth. They have been extensively tested and, where necessary, optimized for the market. The list price of the 13 t splitter is 5,224 euros, the 17 t splitter costs 5,462 euros, both including VAT.


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