Driving in Sweden: tips on tolls, parking & moose!

Speed ​​and general traffic rules in Sweden

The speed limit on Swedish roads varies greatly and is regulated by signage. In general, the speed limit is 50 km/h in built-up areas, 70 km/h on country roads and 110 km/h to 120 km/h on motorways and expressways similar to motorways. There are numerous stationary speed cameras even on smaller country roads, some of which are announced in advance by signs.

The alcohol limit is 0.2 per thousand. In Sweden, you have to drive with dipped headlights even during the day.

On many country roads there is a hard shoulder, which is separated by a dashed line to the right of the actual lane. This is used to allow slower-moving vehicles to “avoid” faster-moving vehicles and allow them to overtake.

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Moose – really that dangerous?

Who doesn’t know the famous warning sign with the moose? But what is the real risk of colliding with a moose? I would say meeting a deer or a wild boar is about as high as in Germany, always depending on the region in which you are traveling. We only once saw moose grazing near the road in the two weeks we were traveling in southern Sweden. On lonely country roads in northern Sweden or along forests, the risk of encountering a moose on the road is of course greater.

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Ferries are partly free!

On a trip to offshore islands in the Stockholm region, we were very surprised that the car ferries operating there were free. You simply queue up at the docking station and wait for the yellow ferry. The entrance is regulated by a traffic light and a sign indicating which lane to get into. Depending on how busy the route is, the ferries are of different sizes and commute at different times.

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Parking – cashless payment

In Sweden, cash is hardly ever used for payment. So it is not surprising that no more coins are inserted into the parking ticket machine, but instead you pay either by credit card or via the app. Paid parking is with the word avgift marked. Parking in free parking spaces is often limited in time, which is why you need a parking disc (P-skiva) should have with you. In general, it is worthwhile for Swedes to have a credit card with a contactless payment function with them.

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Most roads are toll-free

Most roads in Sweden are toll-free. Only a few bridges are toll roads, such as the Öresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. You also have to pay congestion charges in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and in Stockholm also for the inner city bypass. The toll is collected automatically by photographing the license plate and identifying the owner. A few weeks later you get an invoice sent to your home address.

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On the way on the island of Smogen


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