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Feng Shui in the entrance area – what exactly does your house entrance look like?

The entrance area and corridor are the connection to the other rooms of the house and thus represent one of the most important areas in every apartment. The entrance area is the calling card of the house, because every visit gets the first impression of your home.
The entrance area and corridor combine the unlimited and very active Yang world of public life with the limited and rather calm Yin world of inner life in your own four walls. This is why the entrance area is one of the most important areas of the house in Feng Shui. Since this is where the Chi comes in, gathers and passes on to the other rooms, the entrance area has an enormous influence on the people living in the house. Therefore you should pay special attention to this area and design it according to the Feng Shui rules. The rule of thumb is: The entrance area should be comfortable, clean and tidy so that the chi is not blocked and can flow freely to the other rooms. He should happily welcome the residents of the house and their guests. You can find out how this is achieved here!
The positioning of the house entrance is very important. Nowadays it is not only placed in the front, as it used to be, but also on the side or even at the back of the house. For this reason, the access route should be designed to be clear and inviting so that the visitor can quickly see where to go. However, the entrance route should not be straight. Otherwise it will accelerate the flow of energy too much and disturb the harmony. An entrance path with gentle arches, which is adorned with beautiful plants on the sides, increases the well-being in the house.
The appearance of the front door is also of crucial importance. It should be proportionately adapted to the size and shape of the house – neither too small nor too big. It should also convey security. Stable doors with no or only small glass inserts are ideal from a Feng Shui point of view. Full glass doors are not a good choice because although they meet security standards, they do not delimit sufficiently and our subconscious associates them with insecurity. A name tag on the front door whose shape, color and material harmonize with the style of the house is recommended, as is a doorbell with a pleasant sound.
Stairs leading directly to the entrance door are problematic in Feng Shui. A platform at the end of the steps ensures a comfortable stand and lets the energy flow freely.
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