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Furniture made of denim fabric – vintage charm and iconic look in one

Do you still remember Britney and Justin’s classic denim-on-denim ensemble? At that time, the celebrity couple made a statement that we will hear again and again.

I.t this spring we are not only wearing the new jeans models, we are surrounded by them. In interior design the budding trend will adorn sofas, armchairs, chests of drawers and carpets in denim fabric and immediately transform them into eye-catchers in the room.

Numerous furniture manufacturers are diligently getting to work. At the same time, designers say that you shouldn’t necessarily buy a finished piece of furniture of this type. If you want to follow this on-trend news, all you need to do is re-use your old pair of jeans. Great decorative pillows and chair covers can be made from one or two trousers. Several recycled jeans can be transformed into a sofa cover, dresser or closet cover. Why not use it to paper an entire wardrobe?

The history of blue jeans can be summarized relatively briefly: In the 19th century, denim became popular in the USA during the gold rush. The then wholesaler Levi Strauss quickly found out the gold diggers’ need for hard-wearing trousers. He imported the material from France to the USA and met with huge demand. The term denim came from the naming of the French city Nîmes derived. 160 years later, jeans have conquered the world. In every country in the world, rich and poor have at least one pair of jeans.

Upholstery covers made of this material are rarely found, but actually offer a wide range of design options. As a unique couch landscape or a timeless-looking armchair the blue cover sit Jeans like a glove. The original look of a vintage armchair with wooden legs is wonderfully emphasized by the denim. White and gray are often brought along as a contrast to dark denim.

Patchwork jeans armchair in a maritime style

In the maritime furnishing style, indigo blue comes exactly where it should be!

Denim sofas are home accessories with pronounced individuality. Together with light, contrasting nuances, you can create the new favorite seat for family and friends. The fabric was originally preferred because of its hard-wearing properties and ease of care. Soiling cannot spoil the denim. Indigo-dyed denim creates the alluring look you want in the modern living room.

Jeans fabric upholstery cover carpet sofa cover

In full swing: Indigo blue sofa cover as a great addition to this bright, spacious living room

Furniture upholstery resistant denim modern idea

The washed-out denim can be easily integrated into any interior design style

Home design Chesterfield sofa jeans look patchwork

Again a classic piece of furniture with a surprising twist: denim with a patchwork pattern

The room furnished in light colors could use a visual contrast, here the decorative pillows in robust cotton come to the rescue. The exotic patterns and embroidery of the fabric covers serve as strong accents in the nostalgically designed room.

Cushion covers patterned jeans denim look

The denim has it all – to be subtle and inviting, warm and playful, but also to look dramatic and classy

Decorative pillow Aztec pattern washed out denim

Printed Aztec patterns bring a touch of boho chic to the interior

If you’re into sewing and tailoring, you could spend a while working on a floor rug of old cowboy-style jeans. The pretty end result with its jeans look will definitely enchant your guests.

Washed out floor carpet recycled jeans

American style: Recycled jeans as the focal point in the loft apartment

As we have already seen, the robust denim is used in many different ways. Whether for wearing, sitting or lying down, the popular denim will definitely never lose its popularity.

Armchair cover Jeans Recycled Flokati blanket

You’d better never throw away your old favorite jeans, they can be used to create a gorgeous DIY project

Seating living room wing chair jeans look retro

Classic wing chair in jeans look brings an attractive color contrast into the living room

Dressing trend dresser jeans cover

Vintage chest of drawers with decorative keyholes, fitted with dark denim fabric

Jeans fabric floor carpet patchwork checkered

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