Games Like Obey Me

Games Like Obey Me!

Games like obey me! Simulator games where characters become part of your everyday life. Characters send you text messages and call you. You interact with them to determine your level of intimacy. It’s a unique game that is well worth the effort. There are many reasons why this game is so addictive! Read on to learn more about the different types of Obey Me! games available.

Mystic messenger

If you’re looking for more mystic messenger games, look no further. This game is extremely popular for many reasons. It’s romantic in nature, has wonderful superpowers, and features some amazing text messaging. It’s a great way to pass the time while learning about a new culture. It’s also a great way learn more about the past of a mysterious man.

Another popular game that’s similar to Mystic Messenger is Arcana, an otome game developed by the same studio as Mystic Messenger. It won the prize for the best indie game at the 2017 Korea Game Awards. Both games have the same UI, and the basic features are identical. Players can unlock photos, reply to emails, call, or text each other. Players can explore the main storylines and uncover the mystery surrounding the “Unknown.”

Mystic Messenger is a free time-killer, allowing users to spend a few minutes interacting with a mysterious stranger. Players will need to find other people to invite at a secret party, and develop relationships with these guys. The game is fun enough for most players, but it can cause frustration for others. We recommend using a guide to avoid this problem.

Mystic Messenger is an excellent example of a role playing game. It features a rich and complex storyline and multiple characters. Many players love this game for its variety of activities and complexities. It’s also a great choice for gamers who enjoy the fantasy nature of story-based video games. And because it’s so addictive, players of all ages can spend hours playing this game.

Rika, the main protagonist of the game, is not Yoosung’s biological cousin. The DLC in the game explains her tragic childhood. Her foster parents abandoned her and made her work as an orphan. This is why Rika is so supportive of Yoosung, encouraging him to pursue a purpose in life. The game also allows players to romance multiple love interests at once.

Obey me!

While otome games are often linear, Obey Me! is a unique mix of both genres. You can romance seven lovers at once, and earn experience points. Chat with characters in the virtual world and they will call you. Their voices are displayed as avatars when you click them. They also do tasks like cramming for a RAD final exam. This slice of life game was released for iOS and Android on December 12th.

Ikemen Sengoku

Ikemen Sengoku is an assortment of mobile games that were created during the Japanese Sengoku era. The characters are based upon historical figures such as the Emperor, his wife, their two children. Cybird is the company behind this series. It has been adapted into stage plays and anime. The games are a unique blend of adventure, simulation, and puzzle gameplay. If you want to experience these exciting stories yourself, download the free trial today.

Ikemen Sengoku is a game about romance, which is very popular with girls. The plot revolves around the meeting of the player character with the boyband’s members. The player can choose a man for daily dates, or follow an idol through the story mode. This game is a great choice for those who enjoy otome-type games. It’s a great choice for those who love this genre because of its addictive nature and high-quality storytelling.


Unlike the romance genre, Galge is aimed at men, although some people play them for the same reason as women. According to the Wikipedia article, the genre enjoyed a brief revival in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The majority of galge players were female, but the games were advertised as being suitable to men. The games were distributed in greater numbers and marketed as a one-size-fits all game.

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