George Katsarakes

George Katsarakes

George Katsarakes is a tax preparer based in Burlington MA with over 15 years of experience and certification as a public accountant.

He has a legal practice that specializes in real estate law and certified public accounting services such as tax planning and estate planning. His clients span Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Early Life and Education

George Katsarakes is a licensed attorney with more than 15 years of legal experience. His practice areas include real estate law and certified public accountant services such as estate planning and tax preparation. George tailors each client’s legal solutions to their individual circumstances and objectives, helping them craft an effective strategy that addresses their specific concerns.

Katsarakes, a Peabody native, has been actively searching for work since his executive job at a telecom company was lost due to outsourcing in 2002. He holds an undergraduate degree in engineering as well as a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University; additionally, the stock value of his investments in telecom companies which were lost during the recent financial crisis; and most importantly, Katsarakes intends on being a stay-at-home dad to his 3-year-old twins Alexandra and Perry.

Professional Career

George Katsarakes has been in the legal field for more than 22 years, providing clients with solutions to their most pressing problems and putting them at ease in the process. Not only that, but his clients often return for additional help down the line. In addition to legal services, George also offers business consulting solutions which assist small businesses and start-ups grow and thrive – including advice on rebranding, licensing, establishing business insurance and reducing employee turnover.

Achievements and Honors

George Katsarakes is a licensed attorney with more than two decades of experience and an expertise in business law. His practice encompasses real estate law as well as related services like business formation, deed preparation and estate planning. Furthermore, as a certified public accountant he can assist clients with all tax related issues.

The best part is that he offers these services to a diverse clientele. His business mostly comes from nonprofit organizations, where he often assists with tax accounting. With over 22 years of experience under his belt, he relishes helping people solve their legal and financial issues with confidence and a sense of humor.

He is proud to have been recognized for his accomplishments and honors by the state agency. In 1983, Trooper L. Hanna Memorial Award for Bravery – a gold medal honoring the trooper who was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Auburn – was bestowed upon him.

Personal Life

George Katsarakes is a licensed attorney and real estate broker with more than 15 years of experience. He serves clients throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, specializing in real estate law as well as certified public accounting services such as estate planning and tax planning.

Ten years after his career as a senior executive at a telecom company was abruptly ended, Katsarakes, 66 years old, is still searching for work and “my babies.” He recently had 3-year-old twins Alexandra and Perry with second wife Candy whom he wed in 2007. It has been twenty months of job hunting online; sending out 2,500 resumes; attending face-to-face interviews – but nothing has worked out yet. Hopefully his latest attempt will be successful!

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