George Opelka

George Opelka

George Opelka is an acclaimed professional American tennis player renowned for his towering height of 6 feet 11 inches and powerful serves that often reach 140 miles per hour.

He is a Red Bull ambassador and has an apparel and shoe deal with Fila. Additionally, he has been associated with New Balance and Wilson Racquets.

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Professional Career

One of the hottest young talents on the ATP Tour, Reilly Opelka has made a meteoric rise from junior ranks to world number 18 and formed an unbreakable bond with fellow Next Gen American Taylor Fritz. Their rivalry began at a 2015 junior Wimbledon semi-final where Opelka prevailed as an unseeded player against Fritz.

Opelka has a deep connection with Gullikson, who has served as his guide and mentor throughout his career. He introduced Opelka to renowned coaches Jay Berger and Jim Loehr – now part-time colleagues in sports psychology).

He has also formed a close bond with his parents, George and Lynne Opelka. Although Opelka is an outspoken online personality, he values his privacy and does not share much about his personal life publicly.

Achievements and Honors

Reilly Opelka is one of the greatest tennis players on the ATP Tour, ranking world number 18 in men’s singles. He enjoys an intense rivalry with fellow American Taylor Fritz that spans across multiple matches.

At the tender age of four, Opelka began playing tennis with his father who had a keen interest in tennis and golf.

Tom Gullikson, a former professional tennis player and Grand Slam champion, served as his coach. Opelka credits Gullikson with setting him on the path to success.

Opelka is a rising star on the ATP Tour and currently ranks world number 18. He has won multiple tournaments, reaching the finals of his first ATP title in New York before going on to win the Houston Open in April 2022.

Personal Life

Reilly Opelka is a professional tennis player who has been making headlines since childhood. As the tallest ATP player in the world, he holds two ATP singles titles.

His father, George Opelka, is an accomplished golfer and has had a major impact on Reilly’s life and career. He ensures Reilly doesn’t get involved in any detrimental lifestyle choices and strongly encourages him to remain disciplined.

Reilly’s father is also part of Swingvision, a technology company that helps players track their performance through statistics and artificial intelligence. This endeavor promises to be an exciting venture that will surely assist players of all levels in refining their game.

Net Worth

On August 28, 1997, George Opelka and Lynne Opelka welcomed Reilly Opelka into the world in St Joseph, Michigan. As son to George and Lynne Opelka, Reilly has an incredible story to tell.

At present, Opelka is single and resides in Palm Coast, Florida. According to his social media accounts, he does not have a wife nor are they currently dating anyone.

He credits his father, a golf player, with helping him blossom as a tennis player. Additionally, Tom Gullikson–a former junior tennis player whom he met through the USTA–served as an important figure in shaping him into the player he is today.

He is currently training under Jay Berger and Jean-Yves Aubone. In three singles titles and one doubles title he’s won on the ATP Tour, earning a total prize money of $1,042,624 dollars.

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