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George Syrop – Hayward Municipal Services


George is a community organizer from Hayward who runs the corporate-free campaign to advocate for working people. He believes that Hayward can become a city with healthy, happy, and prosperous citizens.

Syrop is working to address a range of issues, such as affordable housing, public safety, safeguarding small businesses and workers from climate change impacts and more. He also wants to assist local teachers in honing their educational skills by creating a community education fund.

Early Life and Education

George Syrop, born in Hayward, California, is a designer and community organizer who has created tools for social workers, progressive causes, and candidates. As founding board member of Friends of the Public Bank East Bay he also helped form Hayward Community Coalition (HayCoCoa), which ignited city-wide conversations around racial justice issues, public safety concerns, and police spending.

Syrop is a staunch supporter of community policing, which helps build public confidence in law enforcement and reduce crime rates. He also advocates for the development of just-cause renter protections and vacancy taxes to address Hayward’s housing crisis. Furthermore, he believes in the necessity of education worker incentives and bonuses to encourage local teacher education. Lastly, Syrop has spoken out against sexism, racism and bigotry with strong words.

Professional Career

As a municipal services commissioner, George Syrop has had the distinct honor of leading the city’s community development department for eight years. Additionally, his leadership in progressive initiatives such as Hayward Community Coalition (HayCoCoa), which instigated conversations across town about racial justice, public safety and police spending has been invaluable.

One of his more remarkable accomplishments was the design and implementation of a city-wide storm water system, which has improved health and sustainability for residents at a time when local governments are struggling to meet budget demands. He’s also responsible for creating the state’s first ever citywide vacancy tax, intended to enhance renter stability and address homelessness issues within the area.

Achievements and Honors

George Syrop is an accomplished artist who has made Newport, Oregon her home since 2006. Here she found a supportive community that shares her passion for plein air painting.

He was appointed Community Services Commissioner for Hayward and served as a founding Board member of Friends of the Public Bank East Bay. Additionally, he founded HayCoCoa, which sparked an unprecedented city-wide dialogue regarding racial justice, public safety and police spending.

He has also served as a peer counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic, providing free mental health services to low-income and unsheltered neighbors. Furthermore, he is an artist who creates tools for social workers and progressive causes.

Personal Life

Syrop is currently a member of Hayward’s Community Services Commission and board member for Friends of the Public Bank East Bay. In his free time he enjoys hiking, mountaineering and biking to keep fit.

He is running a corporate-free campaign for Hayward City Council because it’s time to reclaim our beloved town. With an ever-expanding tech sector and growing population, Hayward needs new leaders – now is your chance to take control of both your neighborhood and future. With smart leaders coming from different backgrounds, the city needs more affordable housing as well as an effective plan to pay off existing city debt, freeing up city employees to focus on community issues.

Net Worth

George Soros is a billionaire renowned for his hedge funds and successful bets against currencies. In 1992, he achieved fame as “the man who broke the Bank of England” after successfully trading against the British pound at age 61.

The philanthropist has donated an estimated $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations since 1979 and continues to champion causes that promote social freedoms, equality, justice and government accountability. Furthermore, he has been a generous supporter of the Democratic Party, while his wealth has enabled him to purchase an extensive array of homes in New York City.

Soros was born into a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary and one of the first to flee Nazi-occupied Europe. He eventually immigrated to Britain where he studied philosophy at London School of Economics before founding Double Eagle hedge fund in 1969.

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