Gerald Benjamin

Gerald Benjamin

Gerald Benjamin holds both a B.A. degree with distinction from St Lawrence University and an MPA from Columbia University, in addition to being a board member for Henry Schein Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (CSRI), including Back to School and Holiday Cheer programs for Children.

He served as director of the Center for New York State and Local Government Studies at SUNY New Paltz and as research advisor to a temporary commission on state constitutional revision in Albany.

Early Life and Education

Gerald Benjamin joined SUNY New Paltz’s faculty in 1968 and quickly rose to become a prominent professor of political science, serving as dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences and serving as dean himself for two terms. Additionally, he lectured at both Tokyo’s University and Japanese Foreign Ministry School as well as being named Serbelloni fellow-in-residence and Fulbright scholar.

He served on the Ulster County Legislature from 1985-1991 as both majority leader and chairman. Furthermore, he provided consulting services for various public and private organizations.

Off work, he was passionate about taking photographs with his old Argus C-3 camera. His favorite subjects included sunflower fields, birds and old buildings in town as well as his garden where he grew vegetables he sold at roadside stands.

Professional Career

Benjamin joined SUNY New Paltz’s faculty in 1968, teaching courses on political science, history and state government. Additionally he served on Ulster County Legislature from 1991-1993 as chairman.

He currently oversees Henry Schein Cares, its flagship philanthropic activities such as back to school, holiday cheer and YAI as well as global distribution operations, human resources and information services functions of the Company.

At Henry Schein Foundation he holds three degrees – bachelor from American International College, master’s from Tufts University and doctorate from Syracuse University.

Achievement and Honors

Later in his life, he turned his focus towards writing literary essays for various journals and book-length volumes, earning sabbaticals at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center for his efforts.

Benjamin co-produced and was one of the principal architects behind the critically acclaimed film Testament, about a small town slowly disintegrating after being exposed to radiation; featuring Jane Alexander in its lead role and nominated for an Academy Award nomination.

He served on the Ulster County Legislature from 1981-1993 as chairman. Henry Schein Cares is his Company’s corporate social responsibility program that offers support to organizations like Young Adult Institute. For fun he loved dancing and created Mississippi Ballroom Dancers as his passion.

Personal Life

He served as former Director of the Center for New York State and Local Government Studies at SUNY at Albany as well as Research Director of its temporary state commission on constitutional revision. Additionally, he also participated in Ulster County Charter Revision Commissions.

As an author and editor of 15 books or monographs and numerous government reports, he earned St Lawrence University’s Distinguished Alumnus award in 2001 and edited the “Oxford Handbook of New York State Politics and Government.”

He has directed three films, such as The Money Pit (1986) with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. Little Nikita (1988) proved an unexpected hit; as was Milk Money (1994), which starred Whoopi Goldberg and Dan Aykroyd.

Net Worth

Basketball players have amassed massive fortunes by competing in the United States National Basketball Association competition and for various teams. Furthermore, they earned millions through brand endorsements and sponsorship deals.

Gerald Benjamin founded with his wife Vicki S Benjamin the Gerald R and Vicki S Benjamin Charitable Foundation to raise money for various causes. Since 2000 he has served as Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Vice President, Director at Henry Schein while also being on their Board since 1994.

He specializes in complex business litigation, creditor’s rights litigation/arbitration and securities arbitration/litigation. Additionally, he advises domestic and foreign companies, as well as individuals on a broad array of U.S. and international tax matters. Mr. Wiser serves as liaison to MSI Global, an alliance of law and accounting firms worldwide.

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