Grappler Gold


Grapplers are durable in neutral and defensive situations, while possessing access to several powerful button attacks. Expertise gives an untyped bonus when grappling or pushing.

Shoving an opponent who is lying prone grants advantage on attack rolls (this replaces Extra Attack). Restricting an enemy reduces their speed to 0, preventing them from fleeing unless they make a Dexterity saving throw against you.

Early Life and Education

Rulon Gardner created an epic upset in Greco-Roman wrestling history when he beat Aleksandr Karelin at the Olympic final in Sydney, shocking everyone and becoming an instant icon both on and off the mat. Although Wyoming native Rulon Gardner became one of wrestling’s biggest stars on and off the mat, after this triumph his life took several unexpected turns; struggling with stardom as well as experiencing near death experiences outside his wrestling ring were only among several challenges he endured off it.

At Mid-South Wrestling, The Grappler made claims that he invented the DDT during a match. Additionally, he served as booker, promoter, trainer, and teacher in the Pacific Northwest; currently teaching wrestling lessons there as well. A member of both NWA Portland Wrestling Hall of Fame and Legacy. Besides having multiple grandchildren himself.

Professional Career

Rulon Gardner caused one of the greatest upsets in Olympic wrestling history when he overthrew three-time champion Aleksandr Karelin in the 130 kg Greco-Roman final at Sydney. A new Olympic Channel documentary entitled ‘Rulon” explores this remarkable story.

Denton has an extensive background in professional wrestling, working under several monikers across the United States. Additionally, he’s served as a booker and promoter; once managing Oregon promotion Portland Wrestling.

Pato stands as the clear front-runner for 2021 Grappler of the Year, having won both no-gi and gi world championships. If he manages to add another title this December (such as IBJJF gi world title), it would give him a rare double set of world championships on his mantlepiece.

Personal Life

Denton currently works as the booker for Portland Wrestling Uncut, an ongoing revival of Portland wrestling promotion that first started back in 1980. Furthermore, he currently holds the NWWA Portland Championship as well as competing in numerous independent promotions.

He is one of the most versatile grapplers on the circuit, having captured both gi and no-gi world titles. In 2021 alone, he amassed nearly $20,000 in prizes – enough to put him amongst the leading candidates for Male Grappler of the Year considerations. Aiming for another IBJJF Gi World Title to add to his mantle this year; winning all but two matches; boasting highlight reel submissions aplenty; as well as several EUG Tournament wins; making him an early favorite to represent this season’s event as currently ranked number one at 145lbs.

Net Worth

Grappler is an efficient close-range character equipped with powerful grab moves, exceptional pressure, high damage output and remarkable MP efficiency. Additionally, his charges enable him to quickly setup combo routes that deal significant damage in as few as two combos.

Craig Jones and other members of Team B-Team regularly train together, with Robert also founding and coaching an Austin, Texas-based grappling academy he established himself.

Susanne is an esteemed wrestling personality who has amassed an estimated net worth of over $5 Million. She is married to famed professional wrestler Edge who boasts an estimated worth of $14 Million.

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