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Great DIY ideas: Build a scarecrow yourself and drive away voracious birds

It is quite possible that some of you are wondering what exactly a scarecrow is and what it is used for. These questions are typical for all city children, but these people who have lived in the country will probably know these strange characters from their childhood. The scarecrows used to be set up in fields and achers to protect seeds and crops from voracious birds. Today they also have the task of driving birds out of the garden or at least keeping them away. In addition, a scarecrow now has a more decorative function and spices up the outside area of ​​many houses, especially in late summer and autumn. It is part of the garden decoration and gives the backyard a rural look. In this article we give you a great DIY idea and use short instructions to show you how you can build a scarecrow yourself. Stay tuned and get inspired!

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Vogelscheuche nettes Gesicht keine Angst einjagen ein richtiger Blickfang draußen viele Kürbisse

This nice fellow is not scary, but is a real eye-catcher outside.

  • Build a scarecrow yourself – this is how it works step by step!

Before you get started and realize your DIY project, you need to estimate how big your scarecrow needs to be. Also determine in advance the place where it should be after production. Now for the materials you need! The amount depends on the size of your DIY project.

Two scarecrows as a couple! Great design idea for the backyard, isn’t it?

Zwei Vogelscheuchen als Paar im Hinterhof

In principle you will need the following materials and tools, but you will probably already have most of the things at home:

-2 wooden slats, approx. 2 m long (available in hardware stores)

– burlap

– Nails, saw, hammer

– Straw for stuffing

– Tie cord, scissors, pencil

– old clothes that you no longer need and a disused hat.

Eine Vogelscheuche selber bauen nicht viel Material und Werkzeug benötigt

You don’t need a lot of materials and tools to build a scarecrow yourself.

First you build a scaffolding from the two wooden slats. You then have to hammer this into the ground, about 30 cm deep, so that it stands properly. Then start sculpting the scarecrow. First you shape the head, then you shape the body using the old clothes. You can also paint a face if you wish. Lastly, put on your hat. The next video shows how to make a miniature scarecrow and use it to decorate the garden. This is also a great DIY idea that you can implement with your children and teach the little ones dexterity in the process.

  • Modern and quite fancy versions of the traditional scarecrow

The human imagination knows no limits! So use your creativity and think of something funny as a scarecrow. For example, you can paint a funny face out of burlap and then decorate it with straw and scraps of fabric! Voila, your scarecrow is ready!

Ein komisches Gesicht malen mit Stroh Stoffresten dekorieren Ihre Vogelscheuche ist schnell fertig

Paint a funny face and decorate it with straw and scraps of fabric – your scarecrow is ready in seconds.

At the beginning of autumn you can make great garden decorations yourself, paint pumpkins and draw funny faces on pots or glasses. Then decorate your creation with straw and ripe fruit and don’t be afraid the birds will eat it! Scroll down now and be amazed by the great pictures! The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

The children will love to join you when you do a scarecrow with them

Kind als Vogelscheuche gekleidet viel Spaß dabei haben

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen und eine ausgefallene Vogelscheuche dabei

Autumn decoration with pumpkins and a fancy scarecrow there

Aus Blumentöpfen etwas Stroh und Hanfresten

You can also master a small scarecrow from flower pots, some straw and leftover hemp

Another similar DIY idea for scarecrow

DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche aus Blumentöpfen

Herbstdeko drinnen Vogelscheuche in Kleinformat reife Äpfel aus dem Garten

A small-format scarecrow surrounded by ripe fruits from the garden is an essential part of the autumn decoration inside

DIY Idee für Herbstdeko mit Vogelscheuche

Another DIY idea for autumn decorations with a scarecrow

Hang a self-made scarecrow on the door and keep uninvited guests away

Herbstdeko Vogelscheuche selber meistern an die Tür hängen

Passende Halloween Deko Vogelscheuche aus Einwegglas machen

Make a suitable Halloween decoration – scarecrow out of a disposable glass

You can also admire the next DIY ideas for making a scarecrow yourself

DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen Kürbisse Stern Herbstdeko

Gesichter basteln DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche aus leeren Dosen selber machen

Herbstdeko auf der Straße DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

Herbstdeko im Garten DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

ausgefallene Deko auf dem Feld DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

schöne Herbstdeko vor dem Haus DIY Idee für Vogelscheuche selber machen

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