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Halloween decoration for home and garden

Tips and tricks for your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, in case you’re not about to passionate fans of the horror festival count

Halloween is a popular festival around the world these days, with the USA especially celebrating it. But it looks back on old traditions, the origin of which can actually be found in pagan times in Ireland. Halloween is becoming more and more popular today, in most cases the festival means a lot of harmless fun for young and old. October 31st is the highest moment for ghosts, monsters and other creepy beings to take to the streets and ask for “trick or treating” along the way. The colorful festival has its supporters, but of course also its opponents. If you belong to the second group, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we have some modest tips and tricks for your Halloween decoration for house and garden ready that are not particularly noticeable.

Halloween decoration ideas for outside

No need to turn your yard into a terrifying graveyard. It is enough if you only decorate the house entrance according to the festival. White, yellow and orange-colored pumpkins should not be missing here, because they symbolize autumn and are a good basis for your Halloween decoration. You can hollow out and carve some of them, and then put lanterns or candles on them. What would Halloween be without the traditional Jack O ‘lanterns. Just walk away from the dark colors and try to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in front of your house. Prefer the warm autumn tones – yellow, orange, brown, in all their shades and you’ll be on the safe side. You have a Halloween decoration, but it doesn’t look scary and it inspires your neighbors.


Pumpkins in all possible colors, with Jack O ‘lanterns in between, invite you to the party

halloween porch ideas

The Jack O ‘lanterns are an eternal decorative element on Halloween. Hollow out the pumpkins and carve them into a grimace – voila! Your jack o ‘lanterns are ready!


Typical autumn decorations in front of the house entrance are also quite enough! It looks stylish and inviting!

Halloween decoration for indoors

In the house, your Halloween decoration can also be reserved and not necessarily display creepy decoration elements. For example, just choose a side table or a small sideboard and only decorate there according to the party. Rather, rely on the typical autumn decoration in warm colors and spice it up with just a few orange-colored pumpkins. You can also use spray paint to “dress up” and decorate large pumpkins and then place them in the living room. This inviting decoration turns your Halloween into a great and happy family celebration that you celebrate with friends and family members.


Stylish autumn decorations greet you in the hallway and give you a warm welcome!


Spice up the pumpkins in a different way and then proudly display them!


A cheerful decoration idea that exudes a good mood

And when it comes to great and different ideas for your Halloween decoration at home, we cannot leave the black mice and bats out of our list and the picture gallery. However, you do not have to make them an eye-catcher in the interior and definitely bring them to the fore. You can even make some yourself; instructions for doing this can be found online. As we mentioned at the beginning, Halloween decorations shouldn’t necessarily be scary. So, you can decide according to your own taste, whether you want to unpack the cobwebs and use creepy skeletons or worms in your decoration.

We hope you enjoy decorating indoors and outdoors! Happy Halloween!


It can get a little scary too! Little black mice and birds and the Halloween Boo sign make it up.


A fine spider web decorates the staircase and emphasizes the Halloween atmosphere at home


Your Halloween decoration could also be a little restrained and stylish


The gray-black color palette is lightened up with orange dots

halloween rustic home idea

Welcome your friends at the entrance!


Decorate with the gifts of nature!

halloween decoration pillow

Halloween decorative pillows are also a good idea if you like these


Your house entrance can look very modest, but it can be decorated according to the festival

furnishing-idea-for-classic-girls-room-with-outdoor-play equipment-halloween-ideas

Light colors put you in the mood for the party


Unpack the cobwebs if you want to decorate with all Halloween decoration elements


The white Halloween decoration comes out perfectly against the navy blue background

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