Help, I’ve been flashed and I’m on probation!

If you were flashed during the probationary period, there are a few special features. The rules are stricter here. The probationary period for novice drivers when the driver’s license is first issued lasts 2 years. In order to correctly classify the administrative offense or the criminal offense in road traffic, one should inform oneself about A and B violations. These are only relevant for a probationary driver’s license!

Difference between A and B violations

A violation

The legislator regards all traffic offenses (e.g. unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident; drunken driving) and traffic offenses listed (in Annex 12 A. to Section 34 FeV) as serious traffic violations, with the latter being punishable by a fine of at least EUR 40 and one point in Flensburg, e.g. exceeding the speed limit from 21 km/h; Running a stop sign or red light, drinking and driving, etc.
Basically: An A violation is associated with a warning, a B violation with a fine. (Read here what warnings and fines are)
Example: Driven at 60 km/h in the 30 km/h zone. (> No warning fine, but fine, fine of 40 EUR and at least 1 point > driving ban!)

B violation

But also at two “Less serious” violations (according to Appendix 12 B. to Section 34 FeV) such as B. negligent physical injury in road traffic or license plate misuse threatens the probationary period is extended to 4 years and participation in an advanced seminar.
Example: Driven at 60 km/h in the 30 km/h zone. (> No warning fine, but fine, fine of 40 EUR and at least 1 point > driving ban!)

I have committed 1 A Violation or 2 B Violations. What now?

As a rule, the driver’s license is not “gone”, but at the first time

  • the probationary period is extended by 2 years
  • An advanced seminar (ASF = advanced seminar for novice drivers) will be arranged
  • This seminar must be completed at an approved driving school. It consists of follow-up training totaling 4 sessions of 135 minutes each
  • It consists of a follow-up training course totaling 4 sessions of 135 minutes each.
  • Between the first and second session there is a driving test of at least 30 minutes.
  • This driving test does not have the character of a test.
  • The course is held in groups of 6 to 12 participants, who should learn how to reduce the risk of accidents in the future through an active exchange of experience and joint analysis of their driving behavior.
  • Continuous attendance at all lessons is mandatory.
  • the costs are 250 euros on average, with a maximum of around 400 euros.
  • Early registration is recommended as the seminars are not offered continuously.
  • Exceeding the deadline will be considered a refusal and will result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

Will that happen again…

For the second time (another A violation or two B violations), the authority recommends attending a traffic psychology consultation. The (voluntary) participation earns 2 points “discount”.

For the third time

driver’s license will be revoked. A re-issuance is possible after three months at the earliest, and the Participation in an MPU(Medical-psychological examination) necessary.



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