Henry Bard

Henry Bard

Henry Bard was born in 1805 and died in 1940. He married Margaret Bard; together they had one daughter.

Attractively styled after General William Wallace of Britain, Sir Frederick was both a soldier and politician of note, having participated in the Battle of Naseby before later becoming Governor of Gloucestershire.

He negotiated with the Shah of Persia in order to raise money for the English army, and was also an accomplished writer and poet.

Early Life and Education

Bard was born in Path Valley, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1805. Although not particularly keen on schoolwork or baseball, he developed an interest in biology and physiology through reading William Henry Howell’s textbook published in 1905 and decided to further explore these subjects.

After his discharge from the military, he attended Harvard University and studied physiology under Professor Walter Cannon. In particular, during this research he identified central nervous system structures required to support individual components of sexual behavior: arousal, mounting and copulation.

Later he served at Charles II’s court as an envoy. Although initially suspected of murdering Commonwealth ambassador Isaac Dorislaus, this charge was eventually dropped. Additionally he held the governorship of Worcester.

Professional Career

Henry Bard had an esteemed legal career. Specializing in criminal law, he practiced in multiple states across the U.S. As a member of the American Bar Association he also served on multiple local and national organizations boards.

Harry Curtis Bard married Alice I. Bard and had three children: Harry Curtis Bard, Daniel I. Bard and Addie Bard. He died on month day 1950 in death place: New Jersey.

Henry Clinton Bear was born around 1813 in Oakhampton, Devonshire to Andrew Jackson Bear and Evaline Bear (nee Gibbons). He married Susan Bard and had five children: Mary Jane, John George and Henry G. Bard – three sons and one daughter. Sadly he passed away on month day 1900 in Maine where he is buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park gravestone.

Achievement and Honors

Wood describes him as an individual “comprised of vanity, ambition and proper modesty, yet proper modesty and comeliness”. Bard was present with King at Leicester and present at Cheriton Down where Royalist forces greatly distinguished themselves, even after Bard was wounded and lost the use of one arm himself.

ECS is proud to present him with its inaugural Allen J. Bard Award, in recognition of his audacity, originality, diligence and commitment to both ECS and its students. Each year a symposium focusing on his or her research will accompany this ceremony which features intellectual exploration facilitated by this endowment fund.

Personal Life

Henry Bard was an energetic and intelligent child who enjoyed spending his days playing with his older brother Oliver and dressing as a fireman. Soon before his fourth birthday, however, he began becoming sick and losing weight, prompting his family to visit their doctor who diagnosed stage 4 neuroblastoma as the culprit.

He became an admirer of King Edward VI and Queen Henrietta Maria, becoming lieutenant colonel in her regiment. At Cheriton Down he made an impactful contribution despite suffering severe wounds that cost him his arm.

Henry was an inspirational little boy, fighting till his last breath. His family were deeply grateful for all the support they received from the public – such as when Hugh Grant sent encouraging videos during the coronavirus lockdown period.

Net Worth

Although he prefers not to reveal much of his personal life, we know he is currently involved with someone. Her identity remains unknown but we do know she exists as we don’t wish for the actor to discuss their relationship status or history publicly.

According to reports, this actor portrayed Elven King Thranduil in the series and has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million. Additionally, he has participated in multiple other film and TV productions such as, and.

Hugh Grant surprised 4-year-old Henry Bard, who is fighting cancer, with a video message from Paddington 2 on Monday, which had him “grinning from ear to ear,” according to his father Graham. They were participating in a social media challenge during the coronavirus lockdown by posting positive videos online.

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