High-displacement ATVs: Big & cheap

Two high-displacement ATVs are compared here. Decent torque, a long seat for two people, ample loading capacity and a cruising speed of around 100 km/h are the features with which the large V2 ATVs score points. If a low price is required – under 10,000 euros – the market offers with the CForce 820 from CF Moto and the Blade 1000 from TGB (both without power steering) currently two vehicles to choose from. In terms of displacement, the TGB is clearly superior to the CF Moto, but does that make it the better vehicle overall? To find out, ATV&QUAD chased the two ATVs across the test course.

High-displacement ATVs: Spotlight on the CForce 820

High-capacity ATVs: CF Moto with a turning circle of 7.94 metersIn 2011, CF Moto was the first manufacturer from China to present the Terralander 800, a large-volume V2 ATV that was later called the ‘CForce 800’. In terms of performance, the CF couldn’t stand up to comparison with its established competitors from North America, and it didn’t want to, after all it was around a third cheaper than the premium ATVs. Instead, she turned to pilots, High-displacement ATVs: Although they are designed as large ATVs for touring, they also cut a fine figure off-roadfor whom leisurely touring on roads and gravel paths was more important than hardcore chasing in heavy off-road. With these properties, the 800 CF Moto has found its fans, especially since the manufacturer, together with KSR as the importer, has worked hard to eliminate initial teething problems and improve the product.
High-displacement ATVs: TGB suspension comfortably tunedWith the CForce 820, CF Moto has for the first time presented more than a facelift of the original ATV: In order to meet the Euro 4 approval regulations that have been in force since the beginning of 2017, the pollutant emissions had to be reduced and a differential had to be installed on the rear axle. Although the vehicle bears the ‘820’ name, the engine is largely the familiar 800 V-twin. In order to comply with the more stringent emission values, its output has been reduced from 63 to 58 hp. In fact, the reduced performance is also noticeable in our measurements: the Euro 4 CForce sprints from 0 to 90 km/h in 10.3 seconds, while its predecessor did so in 9.6 seconds.
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