Vonblon: New Polaris customer center in Vorarlberg

Vonblon: New Polaris customer center in Vorarlberg

Vonblon: Apprentice Hannes Rudigier, trainers Lukas Ganahl and Patrick Fischer, apprentice Noah Elais Schennach (from left to right)The Vonblon Polaris Austria team has built a new customer center at its headquarters in Nüziders at the foot of the Arlberg, thereby creating more space for its production facility. As the largest dealer for vehicles and equipment from and for Polaris in the Alpine region, more than 40 people are employed there. Most of them are specially trained skilled workers, and there are no fewer than four apprentices at Vonblon.
After all, the focus is on vehicles, conversions, accessories and equipment for professional alpine use: in addition to hut keepers, rescue organizations and municipal services, the Vonblon’s customers primarily include dealers and large companies in southern Germany, South Tyrol, eastern Switzerland and western Austria -Teams. In addition to the headquarters in Nüziders, there are two service centers available: one in Kitzbühel and the second in Großgmain near Salzburg.
Vonblon team: the specialist for professional vehicle operations in high alpine, wintry areas employs around 40 peopleThe objective of the new customer center was to optimize the processes for the production of Vonblon conversions as well as to integrate the repair workshop and the entire service area with warranty processing, parts supply and accessory logistics for most of the Alpine region. There is a transhipment hall on the site with space for two articulated lorries to load the customer vehicles in the dry and make them ready for transport. Adjacent to this is the sales area and the warehouse for new, used and customer devices. “Investing in the future of Polaris is likely to be unique on this scale,” says Gerold Vonblon. The annual turnover in this area is correspondingly high, which of course does not allow comparison with other quad dealers: Vonblon builds more than 80 percent vehicles with appropriate accessories for professional use by cable cars, hut keepers, hunters and municipalities.

Focus on Polaris

Unlike most other Polaris dealerships, Vonblon focuses exclusively Vonblon Poweron this vehicle brand as well as customer service, after sales and spare parts sales for the North American manufacturer. On top of that, Gerold Vonblon’s team also imports screw-on spikes from the BestGrip brand, especially winches from the Canadian manufacturer Portable Winch, which are sold by their own sales force. x

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