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High-quality parasols are absolute must-haves in the garden and on the terrace

Summer is here and the thermometer shows degrees of heat every day. The hottest season of the year is traditionally the popular vacation time for all Germans, which you want to enjoy to the full. However, you cannot always travel long distances, so you try to spend as much time outdoors as possible and even organize your summer vacation in your own garden. All of this would be possible if you have comfortable outdoor furniture and take care of good privacy and sun protection. Speaking of sun protection! This is a hot topic in summer and we want to dedicate our article today to it. Do you have high quality parasols that offer the shade you want? If you still have doubts about what kind of parasol is right for your garden, then we are happy to help with useful information and clever tips. In the following we explain the advantages of high-quality cantilever umbrellas and prove why they are absolute must-haves in the garden, on the balcony or in the restaurant.

A high-quality cantilever parasol is also an absolute must at the pool in summer.

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme am Pool eine Familie unter einem Ampelschirm

What makes high-quality parasols so popular?

Modern traffic light parasols, still called traffic light parasols or pendulum parasols, are primarily characterized by a modern, very elegant design. Regardless of whether you set them up in your own garden, on the balcony or on the terrace, they cut a fine figure everywhere and turn into a great eye-catcher outdoors. In addition, these parasols score with their special construction. Your umbrella stand is usually not in the middle, but to the side. The umbrellas are more reminiscent of a traffic light, which is where their name comes from. But this special structure of the cantilever umbrellas gives them more flexibility in use. You can adjust the screen so that it hovers over the spot where you want shade. This high level of functionality is highly valued by all garden owners. In addition, high-quality traffic light umbrellas are also widely used in the catering industry. Street and terrace cafes as well as other outdoor restaurants benefit a lot from their modern design and best technical characteristics.

You can see high quality cantilever umbrellas in every beer garden or outdoor café.

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme im Biergarten oder Café im Freien schicke Ampelschirme sichern viel Schatten

Which properties of the traffic light umbrellas are decisive?

Every parasol is an enrichment of your outdoor area, but it also has specific practical tasks to fulfill. If you want to compare different models in the test, then click here! However, we advise you to consider the following points before you decide to buy one or more high-quality cantilever umbrellas.

  • Good flexibility: high-quality parasols, especially cantilever parasols, have a solid base and a convenient rotating mechanism. This allows the umbrella to easily rotate 360 ​​° around the mast. So you can have shade exactly where you want it at different times of the day.
  • Weather resistance of the materials: Parasols are designed for outdoor use, so they have to withstand strong sun, heavy rain and high winds. They are made of robust and weather-resistant materials such as aluminum on the mast and have a parasol covering that cannot be discolored.

The most popular cantilever umbrellas for private or commercial use are classically elegant and easy to use

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme für privaten Gebrauch elegant und leicht zu handhaben

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme für gewerblichen Gebrauch Straßencafé schöner Anblick

The various models of high-quality parasols differ depending on their size, shape and color. Their size (often 300 × 300 cm) does not harm the modern design. Depending on their shape, they can be round, square and rectangular. As we said above, they have a colorfast covering. The colors vary from black to platinum gray and taupe to pearly white. The so-called wall screens also have models in bright colors such as Olive Green, Paris Red, Terra Cotta and Bitter Orange. That means, you can find suitable high-quality parasols for every style and taste!

High-quality parasols can be found in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme für den gewerblichen Gebrauch große in Schwarz

Extra tip: You can also find a wide range of high-quality traffic light umbrellas online. Then ask the provider whether the traffic light umbrellas they offer have a water column or a wind protection valve, are offered with or without a valance. We can only suggest that these little things are important for the longevity of the parasols and also for your personal sun protection. For example, a cantilever umbrella with the UPF 50 + sign can protect you, your family members and friends from the harmful effects of the sun. Online you will find further important information about the guarantee, delivery and care of the parasols. And with the purchase you get a protective cover and umbrella lighting for free! Make an informed decision about which model fits best into your outdoor area!

Then nothing stands in the way of buying a high-quality cantilever parasol, right?

We wish you a nice summer in the shade!

Hochwertige Sonnenschirme Lokal im Freien große Ampelschirme in heller Farbe

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