How big should the English vocabulary be?

How big should the English vocabulary be?

2,500 words mark the number of words with which it is possible to communicate easily on any topic. 5,000 words comprise the actively used vocabulary of a native speaker with a basic education. The repertoire of a native speaker with a higher education comprises 10,000 words.

How many words are there in the English language?

For this reason, there are almost a million words in English, while the German vocabulary is estimated at around half of them. About 171,000 words from the Oxford English Dictionary can be used today.

What is the average vocabulary of Germans?

– The active, i.e. self-produced, vocabulary of an adult is on average between 12,000 and 16,000 words, whereas the average passive vocabulary can comprise up to 100,000 words.

How many words do you know on average?

The vocabulary of contemporary German is generally between 300,000 and 500,000 words (basic forms). On average, a native speaker uses around 12,000 to 16,000 words, including around 3,500 foreign words.

How many words in German?

When the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm wrote their German dictionary, they wrote down around 350,000 words. The dictionary estimates today’s vocabulary at around 500,000 words – not including dialects and various specialist vocabularies.

How many foreign words are there in German?

There are around 60,000 active foreign words in our language. In any case, many foreign dictionaries contain about this number of terms.

What foreign words are there?

The most important foreign wordssubtle – “finely structured”, “subliminal”, “precise/planned down to the last detail”.pragmatic – “related”.narcissistic – “self-loving”, “self-related”.Status quo – “current situation”.adequate – “appropriate “.post-factual – “emotional”, “unobjective”.

What are the oldest words in the German language?

Probably the oldest “foreign words” in the German language come from the first centuries after Christ, when the Romans under Emperor Augustus (31 BC to 14 AD)…The influence of loan and foreign words on the German vocabularysecula – sickle.molina – mill.moneta – coin.corbis – basket.

What is the best way to recognize foreign words?

A foreign word is a word that comes from another language. It is easy to recognize that a foreign word is foreign: it is spelled or pronounced differently than a word from your own language. Foreign words in the German language are, for example, manager and computer. They come from English.

What is the difference between foreign words and technical terms?

What is the difference between a technical term and a foreign term? A foreign word is a word that has been adopted from another language and has not adapted to the German language. A technical term is a word used in a specific science or technical field.

Is typical a foreign word?

characteristic, distinctive, typical, peculiar, appropriate to the species, specific, symptomatic, concise, significant, unmistakablecharacteristic, significant, distinctive, typical, inherent, specific, concise, unmistakable

Why are foreign words adopted into the German language?

Many foreign words in German come from Latin or Greek and many other languages. The spelling of these words does not necessarily follow the German spelling rules, but have been adopted into German with their original spelling.

What are the functions of foreign words?

Foreign words (above all Anglicisms) are often found in the communications industry, in marketing and in advertising (business class, service point, global player). Foreign words can also be objective, enable precision and brevity and help to prevent annoying repetitions.

What is meant by a loan word?

A loanword is a word that has been adopted (borrowed) from the language (the donor or source language) into the recipient (target) language. The overall process that leads to the formation of loanwords is called borrowing.

Why are there loanwords?

Loan words were adopted from another language. Often there is no expression in the language for the thing that the word from the foreign language describes. Another reason for adopting a loanword is fashionable appearances. Spelling and pronunciation have been adapted to your own language.

What exactly is Anglicism?

Anglicism is a linguistic expression that has flowed from English into another language.

What does Anglicisms German mean?

Anglicisms are foreign words that come from English or American. However, we often no longer perceive these words as foreign, as they are an integral part of our language use.

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