How can a friendship be?

How can a friendship be?

For me, the following are the characteristics of a friendship: Familiarity. For me, friendship is first and foremost the familiar feeling of having arrived. Being who you are. walk the path together. Honesty. Loyalty. Trust. Pardon. Being there.More entries…•

What if you have to think about someone all the time?

“If we have to think about someone all the time, it’s because our brain has responded to dopamine,” Stewart explains. “Dopamine makes people feel attracted to each other. When they’ve been together for a while, oxytocin, the bonding hormone, kicks in.

Can someone feel when you think of them?

you can only feel it We unconsciously pick up vibrations and feelings from other people. Often these inner signals that we pick up manifest themselves in physical ways and we are not aware of it. You actually get physical reactions when someone thinks of you.

What happens when someone thinks of you?

You feel unexpected emotions You may be dear to someone and your absence saddens them deeply. Or again, you are distressed or stressed and you suddenly feel some warmth inside you. This is a sign that someone cares about you and them – their mind is filled with love and concern.

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