Which organs are responsible for what?

Which organs are responsible for what?

The heart provides blood circulation in the body, the brain controls our movement processes and ensures that we can perceive our environment and react to it. Our liver serves to make toxic substances disappear from our body, it breaks down everything that is bad for our body.

What is the most important thing in the body?

The lungs and the heart are particularly important organs: the lungs lie directly under the ribs. It consists of two lungs. We need this organ to breathe. The air we breathe contains vital oxygen.

What is an organ simply explained?

In biology, the term organ refers to a part of the body made up of different tissues, which represents a delimited functional unit. An organ can exist both as a distinct body element (e.g. liver) and in the form of a cell system distributed over the body (e.g. blood).

What is an administration organ?

Organ administrators existing body whose task it is to give the legal person the ability to act. The competences and tasks of the body are defined in the constitution, e.g. the statutes of the legal person.

Can the spleen cause pain?

Enlarged spleen: symptoms it causes It can cause pain, for example when it presses on nerves or displaces other organs. If the spleen swells too large for the capsule that surrounds it, it can rupture. The so-called rupture of the spleen is accompanied by severe pain in the upper left abdomen.

What organ is under the left ribs?

Depending on the location of the pain, other organs can also be considered: Upper left abdomen: Stomach, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen. Left middle abdomen (flank): spleen, kidney, ureter, large intestine. Lower left abdomen (groin): kidney, ureter, large intestine.

Which organ is on the left back?

The kidneys are embedded in protective fat capsules on the right and left of the spine, approximately at the level of the two lowest ribs. At the top of each kidney is a hormone-producing adrenal gland.

Can diaphragm cause pain?

Possible causes of abdominal pain In the case of a diaphragmatic hernia (hiatus hernia), on the other hand, the diaphragm as the boundary between the chest and abdominal cavity fails, with the stomach pushing further and further into the chest cavity. This injury to the diaphragm can cause unpleasant physical discomfort.

Can you feel the spleen?

The spleen is usually not palpable on a physical exam because it is hidden behind the ribs in the upper left abdomen. However, if the spleen is enlarged, it can be felt below the left costal arch.

Where is the spleen pictures?

In humans, the spleen is an approximately 11 cm × 7 cm × 4 cm large (“forty-seven-eleven rule”) and weighs 150-200 g. It is located in the left upper abdomen below the diaphragm, behind the stomach and above the left kidney . In mammals, the spleen can be very large, in horses it is 50 cm long.

How can I strengthen the spleen?

In order to strengthen the organ, tried-and-tested natural remedies from Hildegard medicine are also used in his practice, such as the “galangal latwerge”: “The gently boiled, sweet mush made from honey, marjoram, celery seeds, white pepper and galangal has a strengthening effect on the spleen , stomach and heart,” says the doctor.

Can the spleen shrink again?

WHAT YOU CAN DO Have yourself checked annually, because changes can be a reason to change the therapy. The background is that there is a connection between the size of the spleen and the prognosis. The sooner the therapy starts here, the more successfully the spleen can be reduced again.

How dangerous is a spleen that is too large?

The spleen can be enlarged beyond normal for a variety of reasons. This enlargement can be caused by infections or chronic diseases, but also by leukemia or rheumatic diseases. Enlargement of the spleen can also cause pain.

Is myelofibrosis curable?

Normally, myelofibrosis is therefore treated with medication, although no cure is possible. The therapy goals are a significant alleviation of the stressful symptoms. Various substances are usually used.

Is Myelofibrosis Fatal?

In the final stages of the disease, the number of white blood cells can increase significantly. Immature white blood cells can also appear. Ultimately, it can progress to acute myeloid leukemia. If left untreated, this particular form of blood cancer will inevitably lead to death.4 days ago

What happens when the bone marrow stops making blood?

As the disease progresses, more and more immature cells can be formed in the bone marrow, which suppress normal blood formation and thus increase the lack of healthy blood cells. Some MDS patients are at risk of progressing to acute myeloid leukemia.

What happens if you don’t have platelets?

If the number of platelets is very low, this is called thrombocytopenia (thrombocytopenia). When there are too few platelets in the blood, bleeding is impaired and you bleed longer and more frequently. In some cases, bleeding can also occur in the body without there being an injury.

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