How can I copy and paste something using the keyboard?

How can I copy and paste something using the keyboard?

Drag the two boundary markers to the start and end positions of the text you want to copy. In the context menu that opens, tap Copy. Tap and hold the field where you want to paste the copied text.

How to paste the copied?

Highlight the text you want before performing the following actions: Copy: [Strg] + [C] Insert: [Strg] + [V]

Where can I find copies on the clipboard?

On some Android devices, you can even view the clipboard on the keyboard. If you find a gear symbol or a clipboard symbol on the keyboard, the clipboard is hiding behind it.

how to copy and paste on whatsapp

Tap the icon to the right of the trash can icon to copy the message. You can then switch chats and long press in the message field to paste the copy from the clipboard and send.

Where is the clipboard located?

This symbol is usually located at the top left within the menu on Swiftkey keyboards. With a Google keyboard, you have to click longer on the text field until a series of commands appear. You should then see “Clipboard” right next to “Paste”.

Where are WhatsApp stored?

In Android, media files are automatically saved in this folder: /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media/ If you only have internal storage and no external SD card, you can find your WhatsApp folder on your internal storage.

Are WhatsApp messages stored somewhere?

“The messages are only stored on the servers until they have been delivered to the recipient. If a message cannot be delivered, it is stored for 30 days. If the message cannot be delivered after 30 days, it will be deleted.

Where does WhatsApp store PDF files?

Move reading material to the “Reading material” folder. Open the “My Documents” app. ) until the file to be moved (here in the example: “WhatsApp.pdf”) becomes visible.

Where do pictures that I sent via WhatsApp end up?

Photos and videos that you send and receive via WhatsApp are stored in the phone’s memory and can be viewed in the image gallery. On the iPhone there is an option to prevent the WhatsApp media from being integrated into the image gallery.

Where does WhatsApp store pictures and videos?

Switch to the WhatsApp folder. By default, you can find the folder in the internal storage under WhatsAppMedia. Here you will find subfolders for the various file types. Photos are in WhatsApp Images folder, videos in WhatsApp Video.

How do you set whatsapp to save pictures to gallery?

WhatsApp doesn’t show any pictures in Gallery?Open WhatsApp.Press the three dots in the top right corner to open the settings.Switch to the Data and storage usage section.In the Media auto download section, make sure that the automatic download of photos allowed is.

How do I get my photos in the gallery?

Press the three dots in the top right corner. In the new menu, select Save to device. You will only find this option if the picture has not already been saved on your mobile phone. The image will now be downloaded and placed in the Gallery app.

How to move google photos to gallery?

On Android smartphones, open the Photos app and press the three lines in the top left. Go to Settings in the menu. In the Google Apps section, Google Drive is listed. Slide the switch to On and you’ll sync images and videos from both services.

Why doesn’t my phone save the photos anymore?

The problem can be solved by restarting the smartphone. Clearing the camera cache – Sometimes the camera won’t save photos on the smartphone because the app is overloaded with data that has been stored for months or even years. This is especially true for cell phones that have been used for a long time.

Why doesn’t my phone save pictures from WhatsApp?

Turn off automatic picture download on Android Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. This is how you reach the settings. Uncheck When using mobile data and When connected to Wi-Fi to completely prevent WhatsApp images from being automatically saved.

Why are WhatsApp photos not showing?

If you have moved WhatsApp Messenger to the external storage of your Android smartphone, this may be the reason why no images are displayed. To push WhatsApp back to your internal device storage: Navigate to Android settings. From there, select the “Applications” item.

How to save images from WhatsApp to gallery iPhone?

First open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to “Settings” at the bottom right. On the next level you select the menu item “Chats”. Then tap on the button to the right of “Save to Recordings”.

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