How can I create a profile?

How can I create a profile?

Structure of a personal profileFacts about the person. First and Last Name. Birthday and place. Residence. Photo if possible.Characteristics of the person. Size. Weight. eye color. Hair color.Preferences of the person. Favourite colour. Favorite Food. favorite music. Hobbies and occupations. Person’s activity. Job. Voluntary work.

What can you write in a profile?

Name, age, birthday, address, occupation, family, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite animal, favorite holiday destination, pets, size, weight, strengths, weaknesses, goals in life, motto in life, hobbies, favorite singer, genre of music, favorite animal, favorite star, friends, gender, place of birth, websites, role models.

What goes in a profile for kindergarten?

In day-care centers and other socio-pedagogical institutions, the staff changes relatively frequently… The following data and facts belong in a classic profile for educators: What’s your name? (first and last name) How old are you? (Date of birth or age) What is your marital status? (single, married, children)

Why do I want to become a parent councilor in kindergarten?

The parents’ council serves as an important link between parents and daycare management. He is the contact person for the concerns and wishes of the parents and presents them to the management of the kindergarten.

How much does a teacher earn?

The starting salary for educators is around 2580 euros gross per month. After five years, educators (if they do not take on additional tasks) will receive almost 3030 euros per month.

How much does a teacher earn net?

In our analysis, the average salary of a kindergarten teacher is 2,413.35 euros per month. According to the collective agreement for the public service in social and educational services for 2018, the above salary is even below the level of the starting salary for an educator.

What does a teacher earn in 2020?

According to the TVöD SuE salary table, the maximum salary for a childcare worker is around EUR 5,845 gross per month from March 2020 (as of 01/2020).

What does a teacher get net?

Average salary in the profession of educator by federal stateFederal stateGross salary in €Bavaria2,633.00Rhineland Palatinate2,303.50Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania2,177.00Lower Saxony2,361.4113

How much does a public servant earn?

Earnings for educators in the public sector From the gross salary of an educator in pay group S 8a, level 1 with a weekly working time of 39 hours (tariff area west, in tariff area east it is 40 hours) is 2792.04 euros and in level 6 3815.74 euros .

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