How can I send a large video?

How can I send a large video?

It’s even easier to send large video files using the services Zeta Uploader (free, maximum file size 500 MB) or WeTransfer (up to 2 GB free). How it works: The files are uploaded via a web form. You will then receive a link that you can send to the recipient.

how to send large videos via whatsapp

It’s similarly easy on Android smartphones: press and hold your finger on the video until it turns blue. Then select the arrow at the top right, tick the relevant contacts and send the video.

How can I send a film?

How can I send a video from an Android phone? To send a video from your Android device, simply upload the file using the Dropbox app or set an automatic uploader for your recordings.

How can I send a video via WhatsApp?

Alternatively, record a clip in the chat: Start WhatsApp Messenger and open the desired chat. Tap on the small paper clip in the top right to open the share menu. Via “Gallery” you can upload and send a video from your gallery.

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