What’s so delicious about fast food?

What’s so delicious about fast food?

Fast food is fast, you know what you’re getting and it tastes good! The problem is that this food is very high in fat, sugar, salt and flavor enhancers. Fat as a flavor carrier makes food taste good. The result: We get a food craving and keep eating!

Why shouldn’t you eat fast food?

Why is fast food so unhealthy? Fast food tends to be very fatty, salty or sweet, and extremely high in calories. At the same time, it has a low proportion of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, high consumption of fast food leads to health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

What diseases can be caused by eating too much fast food?

The unhealthy diet has led to an unexpected increase in some immune cells in the blood, explains Anette Christ, a postdoc at the Institute for Innate Immunity at the University of Bonn. The immune cells that promote vascular calcification and diabetes have increased.

Why is fast food bad for the environment?

The fast-food giants are often pilloried as environmental destroyers. Although the clearing of the rainforest or the devastating effects of factory farming are actually a problem for the entire meat production industry. Only the packaging waste is homemade.

How much waste do fast food restaurants produce?

Of course, the good sales development also had an impact elsewhere: almost 50,000 tons of packaging accumulated in the restaurants. For comparison: in 2017 it was just over 47,000 tons. Cardboard, paper and cardboard accounted for the majority (71 percent).

How much waste does fast food create?

More than 60 percent of the waste from paper, cardboard and cardboard as well as half of the plastic waste results from the consumption of disposable plates, disposable boxes and the like for food: In 2017 more than 155,000 tons of waste were produced, including almost 50,000 tons for pizza boxes.

How Much Garbage Does Mcdonalds Produce?

According to its own sustainability report, McDonald’s Germany produced a total of 76,653 tons of waste in 2016. That’s six percent less than last year, but still 52 tons of waste per restaurant. Around a third of the packaging waste generated is due to out-of-home sales.

Can you get sick from fast food?

Anyone who often eats fast food dishes such as fries, burgers, pizza or kebabs becomes fat and is more susceptible to illnesses. First of all, this is nothing new. In 2016, researchers showed in a study that the consumption of fast food, i.e. a diet high in fat and sugar, affects our brain.

What not to eat if you want to lose weight?

Avoid breakfast cereals, breads and other grains, granola bars, juices, energy and sports drinks, meal replacement bars and powders, sweetened yogurts, baked foods, relishes and salad dressings, dried fruits, etc.

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