How can I start a blog?

How can I start a blog?

8 steps to create a blogChoose a blog platform.Choose the right theme.Find blog name and domain.Find hosting.Install WordPress.Configure WordPress properly.Find a WordPress theme.Create important pages.

What can I publish on my blog?

The contributions of other bloggers (or authors in general) are protected by copyright. That’s why the rule always applies: If you want to publish texts, photos or videos from other authors on your blog, ask for their permission beforehand and get it in writing.

What can you publish?

Private copies are allowed This regulation applies to almost all works, i.e. also to ring tones, videos, photos, texts and much more. You can also make copies of borrowed CDs and videos without copy protection for private use, regardless of whether they come from friends or from the video store.

What can be published on the Internet?

Rights on the InternetRight to informational self-determination. Name, home address, e-mail, date of birth, cell phone number, etc. Right to own picture. Only the person depicted may decide which pictures of him or her may be published. Highly personal area of ​​life.

What should not be published on the Internet?

7 things never to post on social media Offensive or hurtful content. Rumors about certain people. Third-party content claiming to be from you. Negative sayings about colleagues and superiors. Details about future (business) trips. Information about your financial status. Everything that you generally do not want to see online in the long run.

What is allowed in copyright?

Whether music files, images, maps or texts – content on the Internet is usually protected by copyright. Anyone who unthinkingly redistributes content is threatened with warning proceedings unless this use has been expressly permitted. Pictures, videos and music are readily available on the Internet.

What not to do on the internet?

10 things online that make you “criminal” without even knowing itImage source: Image source: doomu / gettyimages 1 / 12. Logging kids into Facebook. Share concert recordings on YouTube. Download movie and music files. Use someone else’s pictures from the web as your profile picture. Upload GIFs. Share illegal links.

What is not allowed on the internet?

11 things that are punishable on the internet Register children on Facebook! Facebook is only from the 13th download music and videos. Upload self-filmed videos of a concert to YouTube. Pass on login data to payment services. Share GIFs. Stranger pictures on the Facebook wall. Parody accounts on Twitter. Connect to unsecured networks.

How can you commit a crime online?

In order to be liable to prosecution, the perpetrator must have actual power of disposal over the child pornography. In the electronic age, this is referred to as data sovereignty, i.e. the power to retrieve, restore or delete such data at any time.

What is not allowed to google?

The acquisition, possession and transfer in any form are prohibited.

Can googling be punishable?

Anyone who deliberately searches for child porn on the Internet in order to view it is liable to prosecution – even if the files are not saved specifically. This can be problematic in cases where a user accidentally comes across child pornography while searching for legal pornographic material.

How can you help yourself against cyberbullying?

You can do this with the police or directly with the public prosecutor’s office. In order to ensure that the cyberbullying attacks end as quickly as possible, a warning with a declaration of discontinuance should be issued in addition to the criminal complaint. To do this, a lawyer must be engaged.

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