What is the difference between literary and factual text?

What is the difference between literary and factual text?

Factual texts refer to verifiable and objective facts. Literary texts, on the other hand, contain a fictitious world constructed by the author. Part of this world are places, people and creatures.

What is meant by factual text?

Factual texts can be found everywhere in everyday life. They want to inform the reader and provide facts on a specific topic. This means that information is presented truthfully in factual texts.

What is non-fiction for children?

Factual texts provide information about a specific topic. They should therefore be informative, but not reflect your own opinion. The topics of factual texts can be very different. For example, factual texts can be handicraft instructions or informative texts about a pet.

How do I edit a factual text?

What are factual texts?Seven steps to reading comprehension.Step 1: Determine the topic of the text!Step 2: Clarify ambiguities!Step 3: Understand the core statement(s)!Step 4: Divide the text into meaningful sections!Step 5: Recognize the intention of the Author!Step 6: Examine the linguistic design!

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