How can I write a conclusion in a discussion?

How can I write a conclusion in a discussion?

At the end of your discussion you try to formulate a solution, a compromise or a conclusion. Based on the chosen and formulated arguments, a result should be apparent to the reader in the end.

What is a synthesis in the discussion?

Synthesis does not mean paraphrasing arguments. A compromise has to be found! Your own point of view must already be clear before the writing process (for the purpose of structuring)! The introduction and the final part should not together comprise more than one A4 page!

What types of discussion are there?

Discussions (also called problem essays) can be divided into two types: text-based discussion and free discussion (also called reflection essay). Text-based discussion. Free discussion. Preliminary work. Structural features.

What is the topic question?

The topic questions specify and concretise the topic or the topic and thus differ linguistically and in terms of content from the question of how the topic is formulated more or less clearly.

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