How can I write a log?

How can I write a log?

To help you do that, we’ve collected a few tips that can help you write the perfect minutes: Ask questions. Use shortcuts. Leave enough space on the page. don’t overdo it. Remain objective and factual. Get a short feedback directly.More entries…

How to write a protocol in chemistry

Chemistry Protocol Structure Cover sheet: The first page is the cover sheet. Task: After the cover sheet, the task usually follows. Preliminary consideration: The term preliminary consideration is generally understood to mean a repetition of meaningful previous knowledge for the respective experiment.More entries…

What must be included in a test description?

The exact description of natural processes or experiments is an essential task of the physicist. It depends on precise observation and clear formulation.

What belongs in a test protocol?

StructureTopic / issues.Assumption (hypothesis)Materials used.Experimental structure and implementation.Observation (possibly measured values)Evaluation (also interpretation, explanation or interpretation. Possibly including error analysis)

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