How do I address correctly?

How do I address correctly?

The sender’s address is at the top left. Enter the address of the recipient at the bottom right. place stamps or other type of franking in the upper right corner. No sticky notes or imprints that could be confused with postal labels or imprints should be placed on the envelope.

What types of post are there?

ChargesTypeFormatWeightStandard letter 140 × 90 mm up to B5 format (250 × 176 mm)1-100 gMidi letter 140 × 90 mm up to B5 format (250 × 176 mm)101-250 glarge letter up to B4 format (353 × 250 mm)1-500 glarge letter up to B4 format (353 × 250mm)501-1000g

What are the options for sending letters?

Postal mail options Registered mail. Registered mail ensures that your letter is only delivered to the recipient against a signature. return receipt. Return receipt is an additional service that is only possible in combination with registered mail. by hand. registered post. cash on delivery

What can be sent in a large letter?

The weight levels are the same for shipping in Germany and abroad: Up to 20 g standard letter Up to 50 g compact letter Up to 500 g large letter Up to 1,000 g maxi letter

What can be sent in a bubble envelope?

Everything that is not made of paper or cardboard, such as cards made of wood or fabric, must be sent in a bubble envelope or a sturdy mailing bag as a large letter. What is not firmly glued, e.g. B. sticky notes and post-its, do not belong on the envelope.

What is allowed in a shipping bag?

Paper envelopes are ideal for: documents, brochures and sheet music. Exercise books and flat exercise book folders. Lightweight clothing such as gloves, t-shirts, and scarves.

What does a maxi letter look like?

With the Maxibrief you can easily send up to 1 kg. The most important shipping specifications for the maxi letter: length up to 35.3 cm, width up to 25 cm, height up to 5 cm (e.g. envelopes or shipping boxes up to DIN B4). 190 unfolded DIN A4 pages, magazines or even books.

What do I have to consider when sending goods?

The consignment must be marked with the inscription “BÜWA” above the delivery address. The shipment of goods may only contain the goods themselves. In addition, you may only enclose invoices, delivery notes and other documents that explicitly refer to the goods.

Can I put a mailer in the mailbox?

If it doesn’t fit in there, the postage of 1.45 isn’t enough either. If you stick stamps on it, then off to the nearest mailbox. Can you put it in the mailbox? Yes you can.

Can you put stamped letters in the mailbox?

Items franked with INTERNETMARKE can be delivered to all Deutsche Post acceptance points, e.g. to mailboxes and branches. You can deliver national and international registered mail to the branch or put it in any Deutsche Post mailbox.

Can you put a maxi letter in the mailbox?

Incidentally, you can put a maxi letter in a mailbox as long as the opening is big enough for it. If it doesn’t fit, you can drop off the shipment at a Deutsche Post branch or at a Packstation.

Can I put a consignment in the mailbox?

The consignment of books and goods can be delivered via the mailbox or in all Deutsche Post branches. It should be noted that the shipment is marked “BÜWA” above the address. A posting list is not required.

Where can I drop off a consignment?

You can put a GOODS SHIPMENT like a letter in any mailbox and hand it in at any Deutsche Post branch. Seal the shipment in such a way that our employees can easily open and reseal it to check compliance with collective agreement requirements.

How many letters can you put in the mailbox?

In summary, this means that for franking machine users with daily small franking quantities of up to, for example, an average of 15 letters, the mailbox is a convenient way of posting letters.

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