How do I address non binary people?

How do I address non binary people?

PULS: How do I best address non-binary people? Cato: Simply with a friendly “Hey you”. Or, more formally, of course, “I greet you”. One should simply avoid gender-specific addresses such as “Mr. …” or “Ms. …”.

What do you write for gender?


What does diverse mean in terms of gender?

Since the end of 2018, people with the gender entry “diverse” have been using German law – in addition to those whose gender has been left open in terms of civil status law (introduced at the end of 2013) – their own gender option, which is legally circumscribed in such a way that these persons are “neither female nor male …

How do you write the masculine and feminine forms?

Spellings with inside letters, slashes, underscores, asterisks or brackets summarize men and women in one word: “buyers”, “buyers”, “buyers”, “buyers” or “buyers”. The female form is also read – but special characters stand out and disrupt the flow of reading.

How do you write students in one word?

In the 19th century, a shortened spelling with brackets was developed for paired personal names, in which the feminine word ending is added in brackets to the masculine name: pupil (inside). From the 1940s the spelling with a slash plus hyphen became widespread: pupils.

How do you write to customers?

So you just use both forms in a row. Slash: Use a slash to separate the masculine and feminine forms, for example “customers”. Binnen-I: Here you insert the capitalized letter “i”. It looks like this: “Customers”.

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