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Barbara twigs or a blooming wonder for Christmas

In the dreary December, the prevailing cold and frost outside and the landscape shows us bare branches and some pine green. Most people get excited with the anticipation of the big festival and focus on their Christmas decorations at home. Although it looks gray and colorless outside, there are beautiful flowering branches in many houses, especially at Christmas. Their fresh flowers bring a romantic flair into the interior in winter and put us in the mood for being happy and very optimistic. These are the so-called Barbara branches, which, according to a centuries-old tradition, decorate many living spaces at this time of the year. For the people who are not yet familiar with the old custom and who are unfamiliar with the tricks associated with it, the Barbara twigs would appear more like a winter wonder. But this is not such a phenomenon, not even witchcraft, but this phenomenon has its secrets and riddles.

The Barbara branches are actually covered by many exciting myths and prove, however, that old customs still live on in our present and are still cultivated.

barbara branches-tender-bleed

Blooming Barbara branches bring a touch of spring into the house

The Barbara branches are quite simply fruit tree branches that are cut from the trees on December 4th and have to be placed in a vase indoors. They should stay in their warm and cozy home for three weeks from December 4th and show their full bloom just in time for Christmas. How would that be possible, you will find out in the next few lines.


Enjoy the blooming splendor of the Barbara branches and feel happy!

– History of the Barbara branches

The Barbara branches have a long history, whose roots go back to the 3rd century AD. are to be searched for. Legend has it that a young girl converted to Christianity and was imprisoned for it by her father. She was sentenced to death for her brave act. But on her way to the prison, a cherry twig caught on her robe. The girl took the branch, put it in the water in the prison, and just on the day of her execution it blossomed. According to this legend, today, December 4th, the day of Saint Barbara is celebrated. This special date in the pre-Christmas calendar is celebrated by the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches.

Closely connected to this legend is the custom of cutting fruit branches from the garden on December 4th and bringing them into the house. Cherry, apple, birch, hazelnut, plum, elder or forsythia branches are preferred. If these bloom at Christmas, it is an undisputed sign that the family will see good luck in the New Year.

holy barbara legend

St. Barbara – on December 4th, St. Barbara’s Day is celebrated

bleeding-pink-barbara branches

“Buds on St. Barbara, there are flowers for Christmas”, one hears people in this country say.

  • Wonderful room decoration with Barbara branches

In order for you to succeed in sprouting, you have to put the branches in the refrigerator or, better still, in the freezer immediately after cutting. After that, they are placed in a vase with lukewarm water, which should be changed every few days. The vase with the Barbara branches has to stay in the warm interior for three weeks so that the buds can develop properly and bloom for Christmas. However, dry or overheated room air is not good for the branches, or more precisely their buds, and they can dry up quickly. If you follow these simple tricks, you will admire beautiful flowers on Christmas Day and have good luck in the New Year.

We wish you that with all our hearts!


According to an old custom, on December 4th, bare branches should be cut and brought into the house.


The buds should open within the next three weeks if the branches are properly cared for.


These beautiful flowers promise good luck in the New Year.

barbara branches bleed

With the beautiful flowers on the Barbara branches, the living room is filled with a delicate aroma.


Place the Barbara branches in warm water and in a sunny place.


Wonderful delicate flowers in the middle of winter promise happy days in the future.


You can decorate your festive table on Christmas Day with blooming Barbara branches!

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