How do I become a career advisor at the Employment Agency?

How do I become a career advisor at the Employment Agency?

The Federal Employment Agency has discontinued trainee training for career counselors for high school graduates and counselors in the university team. This is a former occupation at the Federal Employment Agency, which you could take up with a degree from the Federal University of Applied Sciences.

What do you earn at the employment agency?

Federal Employment Agency salaries € 3,202 / month € 2,380 / month 3,616 € / month

What does a career counselor earn at the employment agency?

As a career counselor, you earn between 1,478 and 4,922 euros gross per month, according to a salary comparison. The nationwide average salary is 2,874 euros. Men earn an average of 3,501 euros, women 2,672 euros.

Do you become a civil servant at the Employment Agency?

Since a board decision of April 23, 2003, the Federal Agency has not hired any civil servants, but only employees, because their sovereign tasks, such as combating illegal employment, are now being performed by other bodies – in this case the Federal Customs Administration.

What do you earn as an employment agency in the job center?

A typical salary for an employment agency at the Federal Employment Agency is € 3,321. Recruiter salaries at Bundesagentur für Arbeit can range from € 2,890- € 4,269.

How much does a civil servant earn in the job center?

Salary range: Job center clerk in Germany € 54,438 € 4,390 gross salary (median) for 40 hours per week: 50% of the data sets are above this value and 50% below.

What does a recruiter do at the employment agency?

Employment agencies take on tasks in the placement, advice and integration of employee customers of the Federal Employment Agency.

How much does an insurance broker earn?

With brokers on average at a good 230,000 euros, multiple agents 215,000 and single-company agents a good 195,000 euros. In terms of profit, around a third of the brokers are less than 50,000 euros per year.

What does an insurance broker earn from me?

How do insurance brokers make their money? If a broker arranges insurance for a private or commercial customer, he receives a commission (also called brokerage) from the insurance provider. This fee is made up of the placement fee and the care fee.

How much do you earn as an insurance broker?

But even the self-employed insurance brokers earn anything but bad. According to the Focus Salary Report 2012/2013, the starting salary is already 2500 euros gross, on average an insurance broker earns around 4000 euros gross per month.

How Much Does a Loan Broker Make?

Salary for a credit specialist in GermanyGermanyAverage salaryPossible salary rangeBielefeld66,400 € 59,200 € – 77,700 € Münster65,800 € 65,100 € – 79,700 € Düsseldorf65,900 € 59,300 € – 76,500 € Wuppertal68,500 € 64,500 € – 85,200 € 16

How much do you earn as an investment advisor?

Asset Advisor Salaries in Germany As an asset advisor you can expect an average salary of 56,900 €. The salary range as a financial advisor is between € 49,300 and € 67,100.

What does a mortgage lender earn?

If you work as a mortgage advisor, you are expected to earn at least € 45,000 and in the best case € 63,500. The average salary is € 54,800.

What do you earn as a DVAG asset advisor?

Deutsche Vermögensberatung salaries € 3,332 / month € 1,323 / month € 6,372 / month 1,434 € / month

Is Deutsche Vermögensberatung serious?

DVAG does not have a very good reputation because, according to many former employees and customers, it works like any other dubious structured sales force. In fact, DVAG belongs to a large insurance group and only offers its products.

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