David Rismiller

David Rismiller

David Rismiller is a geriatric psychiatrist. Based in Cherry Hill, NJ he offers services to individuals suffering from memory loss, depression, difficulty adapting to change and other forms of mental illness.

Dr. Christopher has over 48 years of medical experience. He accepts patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance plans – to make an appointment contact his Cherry Hill, NJ office at 2250 Chapel Ave West Ste 100 to make your reservation.

Early Life and Education

David Rismiller was born in Boston in 1943 as one of eight children to Arthur Paul William and Dorothy Molones Rismiller. He attended Belmont High School before enrolling for post-graduate work at The Hill School nearby in Massachusetts. While at Holy Cross College in Massachusetts he graduated as valedictorian and earned honor roll membership before embarking upon a career as an amateur scout for the National Hockey League (NHL). Unfortunately injuries forced his retirement early from playing NHL hockey but this never dampened his zest or his passion for finding exceptional hockey talent both on and off the ice!

Professional Career

David Rismiller has spent his professional hockey career playing for various teams – most notably Cleveland Barons and San Jose Sharks – but is most renowned for his strong two-way play and physical dominance on the ice.

He also serves as part of the NBC News team in Los Angeles, helping produce original news content for broadcast. This work involves research, interviews, field producing and shooting.

John graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from The Ohio State University and holds certification as both a certified public accountant and Certified Information Privacy Technologist. Additionally, he has served as guest speaker at multiple conferences and events about risk data analytics and innovation; joining various associations such as Association for Information Systems, Society of IT Management and National Council of Public Relations membership.

Achievement and Honors

David Rismiller was an outstanding college athlete at Holy Cross, excelling as both-way forward with an incredible 40 points during his final season. Upon returning home he secured an lucrative contract with San Jose Sharks where he built up an unparalleled net worth while being an exceptional family man, raising two children and three grandchildren along his path to greatness.

Personal Life

David Rismiller is an experienced attorney and principal of Legacy Settlements Group. He specializes in designing, installing and providing ongoing servicing for structured settlement benefits for thousands of injured parties.

Since 2001, David has been part of Legacy Settlements team and boasts extensive litigation and settlement experience. Additionally, he holds memberships at Missouri and Kansas Bar Associations and has participated in designing several high-profile structured settlement agreements.

He was an ardent Buckeyes football fan, and deeply loved his wife Anne. He leaves behind his beloved wife; daughter Cynthia “Cindy” Rismiller and son David Rismiller Jr.; three grandchildren named Charlotte, Adam, and Theodore Hedican as well as both parents Rev. Arthur Paul William Rismiller and Dorothy Molones Rismiller as well as sister Karen Rismiller Clay as his surviving relatives.

Net Worth

David Rimmer currently boasts an estimated net worth of $15 Million. As an accomplished cricketer, Rimmer has amassed considerable wealth through endorsements and match fees throughout his career.

He has also invested an extraordinary sum of money into real estate properties, which has greatly increased his net worth over time.

Earnings from international and domestic cricket matches have also contributed substantially to his wealth. He is well known in both his country of birth as well as abroad for being reliable player.

He currently resides in South Africa and owns an extravagant house worth an estimated 8 crores of Indian rupees. Additionally, he owns multiple other real estate properties across various countries.

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