How do I carry out a channel search?

How do I carry out a channel search?

This is how you carry out a channel search on your satellite receiver Call up the menu of your satellite receiver using the corresponding button, often this is simply the “MENU” button. Select the item “Installation” or a similar area in the menu. Confirm the selection with “Ok” to open the item.More entries…•

Which Astra satellite do we have?

The well-known German TV and radio programs are transmitted on the Astra satellite at 19.2° East. More than 400 German-language programs can currently be received on Astra. With a little over 1200 programs, you don’t have quite as many channels as, for example, on Hotbird.

Which Astra satellite in NRW?

SAT. 1 NRW, the SAT. 1 regional program for North Rhine-Westphalia, is broadcast via digital satellite Astra 19.2° East and thus via the most common direct satellite.

Which Astra satellite for German channels in Italy?

The Hotbird is something like the Astra in Germany in Italy. With multifeed (multiple satellite reception), the switching is done with the help of the DiSEqC protocol. One satellite then probably runs under DiSEqC A and the other DiSEqC B, for example

Which satellite in Italy?

Free-to-air Italian TV channels via satelliteBroadcast CountrySatelliteEutelsat Hot Bird 13º EastTgCom24ItalyTgCom24 Hot Bird 13C 11919 V 29900 5/6Rai Storia TV programItalyRai Storia Hot Bird 13C 11804 V 27500 2/3Rai Gulp TV programItalyRai Gulp Hot Bird 13C 11804 V 27500

How can I receive German channels abroad?

German television abroad: free streaming service (all known German TV channels) ZDF Live TV (ZDF and Sparte) ARD Live TV (ARD, Kika and Sparte) Pro7 LivePass (Pro7, Sat. Zattoo (all known German TV channels; free free month)

Where are the TV satellites?

Depending on the location in Germany, the most important satellites for Germany, ASTRA 19.2° East and Eutelsat 13° East, are between 28° and 35° above the horizon.

Which satellite for Swiss television?

Satellite: Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B, Transponder 123 (HDTV, high definition television. A DVB-S2 compatible receiver is required.)

Which channels can be received via Eutelsat?

unencrypted channels on Eutelsat 16.0° EastKCN. Music. 1007. 702. 703 | closely. Copernicus. Music. 1017. 1702. 1703 | closely. SvetPlus. General. 1004. 402. 403 | closely. RTK-1. General. 1000. 1001. Top News. Messages. 1020. 1021. Euronews Albania. Messages. 2000. 2001. Ndihma e Klientit. Promotion. 1028. 320. K::CN 1. 1351. 251. 3511 | srp.

Which TV channels can be received free of charge?

Free-to-air HD channels in HD. The shopping channel invites you to go shopping around the clock. 3sat HD. The full public service program offers its interesting research, documentaries and films in HD quality.allgä Anixe HD. ARD alpha. Art HD. Augsburg TV. Bible TV HD.

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