How do I create a table of figures?

How do I create a table of figures?

Click on the desired position in the document and on the REFERENCES tab (1) in the group CAPTION go to INSERT INDEX OF FIGURES (2). Select the annotation category (1) for which the index is to be created (e.g. map). Under PAGE VIEW you can see the preview (2).

How do I create an automatic table of figures?

Creating a table of figures from captions Click in the document where you want to insert the table of figures. Then go to the “References” menu and click on “Insert Table of Figures” in the “Captions” box. You can now see the preview under “Page view”.

How do I get the table of figures in the table of contents?

To do this, click on “Insert table of figures” in the “References” tab. Choose your caption type, such as “Figure” or “Fig. ‘ and confirm. Your directory will be inserted.

Where does a table of figures go?

Where does the list of figures belong in a scientific work? The table of figures is in the document directly after the table of contents.

Where is the table of figures inserted?

Where is the list of figures inserted in my bachelor thesis? As a rule, the list of figures comes directly after the table of contents or the list of references.

Where does the table of figures go?

Title page only on the first page List of abbreviations after the table of contents, before the list of references or after the list of references List of figures after the list of contents or after the list of references List of tables after the list of contents or after the list of references 9

What should a table of figures look like?

Structure of a list of figures At the beginning of each entry is the figure number (starting with “Fig. 1”). Then follows the title of the figure. It is important that the title in the text of the term paper matches the title in the list of figures to the letter.

Where does the declaration of independence go?

Why an affidavit in the housework? The declaration of originality at the end of the work will be submitted directly by you. You sign it and make it unmistakably clear that this term paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis meets the standards of scientific work.

Where does the declaration on honor go?

The affidavit is attached to your term paper or bachelor thesis – usually at the very front after the cover sheet or the table of contents or at the very end of the work.

How do I write a declaration of independence?

I hereby confirm that I have written this thesis independently and have not used any resources other than those specified. The parts of the work that are taken from other works (this also includes internet sources) in wording or in spirit have been identified and the source has been indicated.

Where is the affidavit?

The affidavit is either at the beginning after the cover sheet or at the very end on the last page of your bachelor thesis.

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