How do I deal with my child taking drugs?

How do I deal with my child taking drugs?

Seek dialogue and be patient. If parents suspect that their child has become addicted to drugs, they urgently need to talk to them. Only through close contact with each other is it possible to tackle the drug problem and help the child.

Why do children take drugs?

There are a variety of reasons why young people take drugs. For some, it is above all curiosity and the urge to experiment that initially encourages them to drink alcohol or smoke. For others, it is social pressure from the group, or an expected disinhibiting effect of the alcohol.

What to do if my child is addicted?

If the child is already dependent, professional help is required, for example from a pediatrician, child and adolescent psychiatrist, youth welfare service, addiction counseling center or therapist.

How can I tell if my child is taking drugs?

There are no clear signals that your child is using drugs. However, if you observe unusual behavior over a longer period of time (e.g. aggressiveness, passivity, sleep disorders, concentration problems, nervousness, recklessness), then take these observations seriously.

What are signs of drug use?

It can lead to withdrawal and disputes in the family and also to a shortage of money. Physical, psychological and psychosocial signs of drug use: Physical: Constant tiredness, frequent illness, red and dull eyes, and a constant cough.

Can you kick an 18 year old out?

In principle, parents have the right to kick their adult children out the door. In technical jargon, they can ban their children from entering the home without giving a reason. “In individual cases, however, an amicable move of an adult child from the parental home should always be sought,” says the expert.

Who pays apartment for 18 year olds?

In principle, an 18-year-old student or an unemployed person may also move out of their home and rent their own apartment. Or they pay the child their own apartment including living expenses. Then they grant their son or daughter “cash maintenance”. This is regulated in paragraph 1612 paragraph 2 BGB.

What changes when you turn 18?

According to Section 2 of the Federal Code, you are considered to be of legal age in Germany when you reach the age of 18. You are now officially no longer a child but an adult. This allows you to make your own decisions, but you also have to justify or justify your actions.

What do you have to consider when you turn 18?

Ten to-dos What parents need to consider when the child turns 18 Now the legal representation of the parents ends in full. Reconsider power of attorney. Take out your own personal liability insurance. Accident insurance: The adult tariff now applies. Always with you: organ donor card.

How long are you liable for your children?

Children up to the age of seven cannot be held liable. If they are older, they can certainly be held liable – provided they had the ability to see that what they were doing was illegal. It is assumed that this is the case from around the age of 13.

How long are you responsible for a child?

From the child’s 18th birthday, according to § 1612 BGB, the parents no longer only owe maintenance in kind, but basically, as part of their maintenance obligation, the payment of a cash pension.

How long to pay child support if child does not complete an education?

A maintenance obligation exists in principle for a bridging period between school and training, which may not last longer than four months. The adult child must independently bridge longer waiting times to start an apprenticeship or study by gainful employment.

When do you no longer have to pay maintenance?

Child support no longer has to be paid if the child either has sufficient income to support itself or if the parent paying support does not earn enough. If your child gets married, their spouse becomes responsible for maintenance. Your maintenance obligation is eliminated.

When does the maintenance obligation end?

A child of full age must be paid maintenance until it has completed its education. Even if an adult child is unable to support themselves due to an illness or disability, the parents still have to pay maintenance.

When does the father not have to pay child support?

Children who live with a single parent and receive no or no regular maintenance are entitled to maintenance. For children under the age of 12, the income of the single parent is irrelevant. Until 2017, this subsidy was only paid up to the age of 12.

How long is the maintenance advance what after that?

Since July 1, 2017, the maintenance advance has not only been paid for children up to the age of 11 (or their 12th birthday), but has also been extended to children up to their 18th birthday, which means that single parents can also receive maintenance advances from the youth welfare office for their children between the ages of 12 and 17 in the future receive.

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