How do I determine if the LNB is defective?

How do I determine if the LNB is defective?

It sometimes happens that the receiver does not supply enough power to the LNB and it therefore no longer works. The LNB short circuit message is then also displayed on the receiver. This happens when the receiver’s power pack is too weak or defective.

What can disturb SAT reception?

This is usually due to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, heavy snowfall or dark storm clouds. The smaller the dish and the worse it is aligned, the sooner and more frequently such disturbances appear.

What to do if satellite reception is poor?

If there really is an obstacle in the way, either moving the bowl or removing or properly trimming the growth will help. However, pruning is only temporary and the problem could reoccur after a few years.

Why does my receiver no longer turn on?

If your satellite receiver no longer receives a signal, a storm is often the cause. Then the signal from the satellite dish can no longer get through to the receiver. You can often fix the problem yourself by slightly adjusting the satellite dish.

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