How do I fill out an application portfolio correctly?

How do I fill out an application portfolio correctly?

The applicant’s cover letter is on the left in the unfolded form. In the right half is the CV at the top, under which certificates and other attachments are placed in the application. If a cover sheet is optionally used, this is the best order: cover sheet.

Where does it say personally in the letterhead?

To the recipient “personally” If the recipient’s name comes after the company name, in principle everyone in the company is authorized to open the letter. However, if the recipient’s name comes before the company name, then the letter may only be opened by this person.

When can a package be opened?

Customs will open the parcels through the post office. In addition, the post office is allowed to open the parcel if you violate the general terms and conditions of carriage. So if there is a suspicion that something is being sent that is excluded in the terms and conditions. This is what it says in the Post General Terms and Conditions.

Who can open packages?

Basically: only the sender and recipient of letters and parcels are allowed to know what is or is in it. A spokeswoman for Deutsche Post says: “All Deutsche Post employees are obliged to observe postal secrecy and act accordingly. “

What happens if you open someone else’s mail?

gaining knowledge of the content of such a document without opening the lock using technical means is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine if the act is not punishable in Section 206.

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