How do I insert an image?

How do I insert an image?

Do the following: Open the Word document and click in the text where you want to insert an image. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. In the Illustrations section, click the “Box”. Images”.Select an image from your hard drive.More entries…•

How to insert an image from the web into Words?

Insert Picture in Word – The BasicsPlace the cursor where you want to insert a picture in the Word document. Click on the “Insert” tab in the ribbon. In the “Illustrations” section, click on the “Images” icon. A file dialog will now open where you can select your images.

How can I copy an image from the Internet?

Save images with context menuRight-click once on the image. Then click on a different menu item depending on the browser: In Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge select Save image as. Then select a target folder for the image and click on Save.

How do I superimpose two images in Word?

This can also be done with Word via a detour by first inserting two rectangles as a shape and then assigning an image to each of them as a fill. Then place the rectangles on top of each other and adjust the transparency in the upper image accordingly.

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