How do I make an outline for a thesis?

How do I make an outline for a thesis?

As soon as the topic of your thesis has been determined, you can start with the outline. Its central components are the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. A list of references, an appendix if applicable and the declaration of independence are also included.

How do you write a controversial discussion?

The structure of the dialectical discussion First you write an introduction in which you briefly introduce the topic of the discussion. In the main part, you start with the thesis that you end up supporting less or not at all. This thesis is supported with arguments in descending order from strong to weak.

What is the goal of a thesis?

The aim of the thesis is for you to learn in an exemplary manner what a scientific work is and how to write it. The specialist work is a more extensive written term paper and must be written independently.

What is a skilled work educator?

With the specialist work for educators, a self-imposed task or a problem is to be worked on and the corresponding knowledge deepened. Precisely because you are using the knowledge you have acquired in the practical part of the training, this can be quite exciting.

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