How do I print out a return slip?

How do I print out a return slip?

Print return slip Open the returns overview. Select the required return order. Press Print – F9. Select Yes if you want to include the information on the print, select No if you do not want this. Choose Print – F12 to start printing.

How do you make a return?

Return slip or QR code available Pack the goods. Pack the goods in the original shipping packaging or in a sturdy cardboard box. Prepare the shipment for dispatch. If you have received a return label from your mail order company, stick it on the package. Send return.

How do I pack a return?

1. Pack the return. Pack your goods in the original package from the online shop or in another dimensionally stable and cuboid outer packaging (such as cardboard) and add the return slip from the online shop.

What does a return with DHL cost?

From July onwards, shop operators will have to pay a fee of four euros to the logistics service provider DHL for some returns. Parcel returns will become even more expensive for many online shops from the summer. On July 1, 2013, the logistics service provider DHL is introducing the so-called »return fee«.

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