How many strengths in application?

How many strengths in application?

A sentence that is often used in job interviews: “Please tell us three strengths and three weaknesses that distinguish you. “But even beforehand, in the application letter itself, it makes sense to address your own strengths and weaknesses. A good place for this is the cover letter.

How do you respond to interview questions?

5 tips for answering your interview questions Give reasons for the answer and give specific examples. Be authentic. If you have unexpected questions, don’t despair. Remain polite. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you know about our company?

How would your friends describe your response?

One possible answer would be: “My friends would definitely say that I am very reliable.” So that this statement does not remain an empty phrase, you should always give an example. …

How do you like to answer?

What is your favorite environment to work in? There is actually only one correct answer to this question: “I prefer to work in a team”. Lone wolf is not welcomed in any company. The best thing to do is to give a few examples from your work life in which teamwork was particularly important.

What are my expectations of the new position?

A good working atmosphere and flexible working hours are the most important expectations that German applicants have of their new job. Only some distance behind in third and fourth place are opportunities for promotion (37 percent) and above-average pay (34 percent).

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